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This book is for people new to the essential elements of US federal sales. The Valley of Death is the period between government interest in an idea and a funded contract.

It can take years to traverse the Valley of Death. Most don’t recognize it’s their destination. Yet the most successful federal contractors know how to avoid it all together.

Ziplining Through the Valley of Death explores the most fundamental concepts that bely 99 percent of those in federal contracting. Break out from the hundreds of thousands of companies selling to US federal government and get to the funded contract faster.

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Gene Moran is the President of Capitol Integration. He is a strategic advisor to defense and security companies who are selling to the federal government. His strategic influence has resulted in billions of dollars in federal sales for his clients.

His firm, Capitol Integration, is recognized by Bloomberg Government as a Top-Performing Lobbying Firm, and by the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics where he is designated a “Top Lobbyist.” Gene is a Million Dollar Consulting Hall of Fame ® inductee and a recipient of the Corrie Shanahan Memorial Award for Advancing Consulting.

Synthesizing his unique experience spanning decades, Gene guides companies through the arcane ways of Washington, DC, integrating his groundbreaking academic research of defense lobbying, deep military experience commanding US Navy ships and advising senior leaders, as well as leadership in corporate government relations. Gene understands and uses influence to educate and inform others while shaping great outcomes.


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