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Your Outstretched Hand

As we reflect on a restful Thanksgiving weekend, it’s now time to make the final push of the last quarter. It can also be an appropriate time to reflect on our professional relationships. No doubt, you have many.

But what is the true nature of each relationship?

Your professional relationships may be categorized in your mind or in your computer contacts in a particular way: Customers, Prospects, Industry Network, LinkedIn, etc. Some may be buyers; some may be sources of referrals. 

  • Do you know where they fit into your universe? 
  • Do they know where they fit into your universe?
  • Does it matter? Or do you treat everyone the same?
  • If one asks for a favor, is there an expectation of a return or other recognition?
  • If you ask for a favor from your network, will it even be answered? 
  • How fast do your emails and phone calls get returned by those in the various categories of your network?

Invest In Your Professional Relationships

When college football coaches suddenly find themselves on the outside with their boosters due to a poor season, it can be a harsh awakening that college football is a “what have you done for me lately” sort of business in the eyes of the alumni. 

The same can apply to your various networks and professional relationships. 

If you are a “taker” and never “give” without expectation, your network will eventually retract. It may be retracting as you’re reading this.

Take advantage of the moment we’re in. Not everyone is having a great year but could have a better year with some help. You likely have a little extra time working from home. Look a bit harder and more closely at your network. Invest in your professional colleagues. Offer a hand up where you can. 

If you are a “taker” and never “give” without expectation, your network will eventually retract. Invest in your professional colleagues. Offer a hand up to whoever you can.  Click To Tweet

So, is your hand outstretched, or are you feeling comfy after the big turkey feast?

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