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Why I Developed Capitol Currency®

Introducing Capitol Currency®!

On June 29th, I released a new program specifically designed for companies that have limited exposure to Washington, DC, or who recognize they need to get more sophisticated in their approach to the federal customer. The program is called Capitol Currency®. It is the only program of its kind. I’ll explain why it’s so unique below.

The Why

I routinely meet with company leaders who don’t fully understand the federal landscape of the agency they are selling into. Some companies hire former agency officials or former members of the military in hopes of finding their way to the equivalent of an HOV lane to a sale. It rarely works as they hope.

There are some good reasons to think that strategy should work. One would think former government officials must have good contacts and know the process. They might have both going for them. However, that specific agency knowledge is only a part of the landscape.

Where most company owners come up short on their federal knowledge is in critical aspects of funding and policy. It’s one thing to understand how a product might satisfy a need that has a validated requirement. It’s a completely different thing to understand how to get the requirement (and therefore your product) funded.

You know the old saw in Washington, “If it’s not funded, it’s not real.” Click To Tweet

Some companies in close proximity to Washington send business developers to some very excellent short courses focused on pursuit and capture. They can help, but they are focused on the tail end of the chase.

Capitol Currency® is a comprehensive learning experience designed for busy executives to learn more about the process they can’t see as clearly as they see the need their product answers. There are over 50 long and short-form videos, downloadable workbooks, a book of process visuals, and case studies. Together, Capitol Currency® represents my proven system for helping companies of all sizes influence funding and policy outcomes that support their sales objectives while providing for good government.

You may have people in your organization who could also benefit from this easy-to-digest form of continuing education.

Here’s What You Get with Capitol Currency®

  • Be in control. Instead of reacting, you can lead and drive the sales process.
  • Easy-to-learn and time-tested methods. The methods you’ll be learning have helped organizations achieve billions of dollars in federal sales.
  • Stronger selling position than your competitors. Your knowledge of the federal sales process will place you in a competitive position to achieve your winning outcomes.
  • Ready to go when opportunities arise. Be ahead of the game when contracts come out. You’ll know what to expect long before anyone else.
  • Adapt policies to your advantage. If policies are interfering with your sales, adapt them to your advantage while still serving the federal customer.
  • Go at your own pace. Discover all facets of government relations and the federal sales process around your schedule.
  • Complex terrain simplified. Using proprietary methods, complex processes and concepts are made simple using visuals that you can easily explain to your sales team and government customer.
  • Go as deep as you want. Library of case studies, workbooks, books, videos, and material that explains everything you need to know when doing business with the federal government.
  • Access to professionals that are already doing business with the federal government. Ask and answer questions on all things that impact the federal selling environment.
  • Access to Gene. For 60 days after the date of purchase, get answers to your burning questions from Gene.

Click HERE to purchase your Capitol Currency® all-access pass for life and start winning federal business easily, predictably, and regularly.

The Make Your Move podcast is a multi-season series devoted to the lessons learned of military members in their post-active duty lives. I hope you enjoy the stories of the men and women brave enough to share their transition stories so publicly. Listen to the latest episode here.

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