Unpacking Your Poll Responses

Unpacking Your Poll Responses

What Do They Mean for Your Company?

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed what the polls say. Not the election polls—I’m not sure of their value. I’m talking about my highly scientific LinkedIn polls. Over the past month, a few questions to the aerospace and defense community have revealed some interesting opinions.

Will they influence your thinking? Maybe.

Are they more interesting than my recent predictions? That’s up to you.

See how your peers responded to the following.

When asked, “What’s your biggest challenge in federal contracting in 2024?”

  • Complex regulations: 16%
  • Suitable opportunities: 40%
  • Pricing strategies: 16%
  • Government relationships: 28%

For me, the answer is suitable opportunities. Specifically, helping clients recognize that late funding by Congress creates a potential windfall as customers try to shuffle their plans.

When asked, “What’s the most critical factor when selling to the government and working with a lobbyist?”

  • Navigating regulations: 33%
  • Identifying opportunities: 44%
  • Lobbyist expertise: 11%
  • Other: 11%

In my mind, the answer is other. Fewer than one-half of one percent of defense companies use lobbyists. In my observation, most are paralyzed at the possibility of working with a lobbyist. They should look at Capitol Currency® or any of my books. The answers are within your reach.

When asked, “What’s your top business development challenge?”

  • Expired Rolodex: 0%
  • Not aware of competitors: 0%
  • Wrong information: 33%
  • Government timeline: 67%

For me, it’s about information. Most are dealing with inadequate networks and, therefore, unable to best understand where the maneuver space can unfold.

When asked, “Do you believe we are already in a larger-scale conflict in the Middle East?”

  • Yes: 100%
  • No: 0%

I believe we have been in a broader conflict for some time. Not war, but conflict. We have U.S. military forces in eight Middle Eastern countries and have so for decades. We have been persistently harassing incoming fire for months now.

When asked, “What’s your top business travel gripe?”

  • Wearing of backpacks during boarding: 13%
  • Connections that are too tight: 63%
  • Food choices at airports: 19%
  • Other: 6%

For me, it’s backpacks by a wide margin. The others are within your control. The swinging backpack can take you out without warning!

On the surface, some of the poll responses seem obvious. Dig deeper. What do they mean within your company? How would the answers you provide differ from those your employees might provide?

The learning points that shine through for me? 

Preparation, engagement, understanding, knowledge, and planning are essential to success. I know, it’s obvious. 

But if these were easily incorporated into our routines, everyone would do them…

For a copy of my book, Pitching the Big Top: How to Master the 3-Ring® Circus of Federal Sales, and more information on federal sales, visit Capitol Integration.

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