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Three Strategies For Obtaining Year-End Federal Funds 

Discover three strategies for obtaining year-end federal funds.

It’s a bit of a myth that the government spends like drunken sailors at the end of each fiscal year. But there is money available to those paying attention.

“Show me the money!”

It was a classic line in the 1996 movie, Jerry McGuire, where Cuba Gooding Jr. tells his agent, Jerry McGuire (played by Tom Cruise), the one thing he needed to do for him: “Show me the money!” For context, check the scene here.

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Cuba Gooding Jr. won the Academy Award for best supporting actor that year for his iconic portrayal of fictitious NFL player, Rod Tidwell—in part due to this memorable scene. The player and agent boiled their relationship down to those four words representing how the provider of a service (Jerry McGuire) was going to demonstrate value to the client (Rod Tidwell). Rod Tidwell needed Jerry McGuire to just do one thing: “Show me the money, Jerry.”

We are at that crazy time of year where federal dollars are being spent as if there is no tomorrow. A budget prepared years ago is not executing as planned at the program level for a variety of good reasons, including supply chain woes, technology immaturity, poor execution, or changes in world events. Whatever the cause, there are billions of federal dollars that must be obligated before September 30th.

Obtaining Year-End Federal Funds: 3 Strategies

How do you get noticed?

  1. Demonstrate to your program office that you are ready now, meaning you do not need more time to develop or perfect your solution. Prove that you are ready now.
  2. Prove that your solution carries low risk. Program offices will often stick with an incumbent because they perceive risk by changing to another company.
    • Provide articles for sample
    • Bring forward examples where you are succeeding now with your solution
    • If necessary, provide test and performance data
  3. Communicate your readiness through multiple channels. This is not the time to be timid. Activate your champions in the 3-Ring® Circus of Federal Sales.

Steps 1-3 require active steps on your part. Waiting to move up on the priority list is a losing tactic. You must show up and speak with your outside voice. Be heard.


Right up until the final hour of the last day of September, you can still have FY22 funds obligated with a simple memorandum from the right person in authority. Cuba Gooding Jr. pressed his role to the limit and was recognized with an Academy Award. Say it with me, “Show. Me. The. Money.”

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