The Spending Spree

The Spending Spree

You Have Yet to Close Your Biggest Deal. Why? 

Because if you’re reading this, you’re still in the game and making the effort to do more, do better, and improve upon your last performances.

Recognizing Untapped Potential

At various stages of military life, I came to recognize just how much more a person can accomplish than they might think. Too many never allow themselves to truly test their capacity and therefore don’t know that they are nowhere near their limit.

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the environment in which we run our businesses. One may look no further than any of:

  • Cable news prognostications and shouting
  • Interest rates at an uncomfortably high level some younger CEOs have never seen before now
  • Changes in the international landscape that threaten world order
  • Supply chain revelations laid bare when just-in-time failed us so vividly
  • Perpetuated perceptions that the rules of law will not be fairly enforced
  • The ongoing “weaponization” of anything [the term itself is vacuous]

If one were to believe the steady drumbeat of negativity, it would be understandable that it’s safer and easier to seek shelter and watch from the sidelines. 

The Power of Federal Spending

I encourage you to keep at it and stay engaged because the government continues to spend A LOT.

According to the Dept of Treasury DoD spent (not obligated, spent) $695B by the end of FY23. The US Government spent nearly $5.5T across all sectors of government.

Is there waste in spending at those levels? Yes. 

Is the waste avoidable? Sometimes.

Spending at those levels means opportunity. 

You can strive to change the conditions that support waste. However, real change requires a change in elected officials in order to change the spending priorities. 78% of Americans disapprove of how Congress is handling its job. Yet the majority of citizens are satisfied with the work of their US Representatives and Senators. That means we have and will continue to get the government we elect.

These are the conditions of the federal environment. Bigger deals await, but you have to be in the game swinging. Keep at it.

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