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The Sky Won’t Fall

It’s the season again where the dire predictions begin to roll in. The headlines about Congress are alarming. They generate clicks and put eyeballs on content. Some examples:

  • “Democrats will eviscerate defense.”
  • “If you aren’t in Space Force or the Nuclear Triad, you’re a bill payer.”
  • Virtual presence is actual absence.”
  • “The carrier Navy is a navy we can no longer afford.”

I encourage you to look past the headlines; if you must, look away from them. You don’t need to devour every blip and bobble of defense news or Congressional prognostication. If the election taught us anything, it’s that predictions based on poor inputs are worthless. 

The best companies sell products and services and solve government solutions in the best and worst climates. Some of my clients have only known disruption; they either caused it or reacted to it.

You can be a winner, and provide the government with a win, no matter which side of disruption or changes you are on. But, you have to engage in the right places at the right times. This is a constant of working with federal customers that trace back decades.

You can’t always predict the cause, but you know there will be some disturbance as Congress changes—plan for it. Prepare your people for it. The top line may fall some, but that’s a lot different than the sky falling.  Share on X

What’s On The Horizon?

Resolution of a CR

What would it mean to your business if the CR extends to January? How about March? Either is possible and can be planned to. You need to embrace it. You can’t control it, so adapt to it. 

  • Does your customer know what either scenario means for you?
  • Does your workflow have off-ramps or scalability?
  • What’s your cash position?
  • How “at-risk” are you willing and able to operate?

A New Administration 

No matter your views on the subject, President-elect Biden will take office in January. With him comes a new team at the top.

  • This can be an opportunity to grow or retool your network.
  • The Biden team is a process team. Be prepared for the deliberate defense of your positions. 
  • Are there senior civilians in your customer constellation who are changing? How can you get in front of them?

A New Congress 

Although the two Georgia Senate seats will determine the Senate’s control, there is plenty of other changes in Congress to

  • A newly formed Congress means some new committee chairs and ranking members in both the House and Senate. 
  • Do you know who is moving in or out of your orbit? This matters because, as I’ve chronicled a gazillion times here, Congress approves every single federal dollar that you put on a contract.

The bottom line for now. The players on the field are taking new positions before another fiscal year kicks into high gear. Churn and turmoil are part of the environment. You can’t always predict the disturbance’s exact cause, but you know there will be some disturbance—plan for it. Prepare your people for it.

The sky will not fall. The top line may fall some, but that’s a lot different than the sky falling. 

I am pleased to have been recognized by my peers at the National Institute For Lobbying & Ethics as a “2020 Top Lobbyist. Congratulations to all fellow awardees!

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