Federal Government Sales

Selling to the Federal Government?

This is not something you can figure out on your own.

Ignorance isn’t bliss.

It can keep you from doing business with the Federal Government.

Accessing and understanding the federal process is downright challenging. And if you’re doing it without outside expert advice, it’s nearly impossible.

Without help, you’re likely missing out on federal sales opportunities.

These professionals have substantial experience in selling to the Federal Government.

Go ahead. Pick their brains.

This isn’t a Facebook group, LinkedIn group, or any other kind of open social media channel or Master Class.

It’s a closed online forum where professionals can ask questions of each other, share good ideas, and access information that they might otherwise have to dig for.

Members of The Big Top Forum have extensive experience in all aspects of selling to the Federal Government and performing the roles of government relations.

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Questions about national security?

Ask in the Big Top Forum.

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Questions about legislation?

Ask in the Big Top Forum.

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Questions about government funding and budgeting?

Ask in the Big Top Forum.

It’s your opportunity to ask and answer questions about issues of the day relevant to all topics that impact the federal selling environment—without the confusion of entangled or conflicted messaging, advertising or political ideology.

I’m also active in this community — daily.

With decades of experience as an independent advisor, corporate lobbyist, Congressional liaison and Navy Captain, I’ve led others to funding and policy successes resulting in billions of dollars in sales.

Along with the hand-picked experienced professionals in this forum, you’re in good company.

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There’s more than just discussions happening in this forum.

In addition to conversations related to the federal process, there are also videos, documents, and my personal intellectual property on topics such as bills, executive orders, and topical issues.

Not anyone can join.

The common link of The Big Top community is a need to stay connected to decisions in Washington, DC that impact your business.

That’s why the experts in this forum have been personally selected and joined by my invitation.

There is a modest annual membership fee ($349/year) that supports the community architecture. Scholarships are also routinely granted to worthy candidates.

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Engaging with the federal government is complex. With the right advice it doesn't have to be.