Advisory Services for Federal Funding

Trusted Advisor to Presidents, CEOs, Boards and C-Suites in Navigating the Complex Federal Environment

Working together is simple.

No long term contracts.

All you invest in is a monthly retainer for access to me in real time whenever you need sound advice that’s based on a lifetime of cumulative government, business and military experience.

Real-Time Advice

Decades of Business, Military and Government Experience

No Long-Term

Houston, We Have a Problem

When it comes to doing business with the Federal Government, you’re either—

  • Losing to competitors who have inferior offerings
  • Attempting to grow revenue, but you don’t fully understand the details of federal funding that can generate revenue
  • Misguided into thinking you’re aligned to the federal process, only to learn that you’re not

Engaging with the Federal Government is a complex process, but not a complicated process.

Errors, and knowledge and experience gaps are costing you missed opportunities to do business with the Federal Government.

Because if you’re not aligned with them, you’re out. They’ll do business with someone who is—even if the other company has an inferior product.

“We’ve had our best year-over-year revenues
and biggest new wins ever!”

When you work with Gene, you’ll get everything you need to set your organization up for success when doing business with the Federal Government.

  • Timely advice in navigating the challenges that arise in working through the federal process
  • Alignment with the federal process so you know exactly what needs to be done, when it must be done, and with whom it must be done
  • Confidence in taking action with someone who has experience, connections and knowledge about the inner workings of the federal government

What Qualifies Me to Help You?

My career includes:

  • Deep public policy expertise.
  • Over two decades in the Washington, DC environment in leading corporate government relations and overseeing dozens of program and policy interests of defense companies of all sizes.
  • Coordinating complex issues across the Federal budget process and Congressional authorization and appropriations processes culminating in increased sales and favorable policy outcomes.
  • Routinely facilitating enhanced budget outcomes of large- and small-scale programs of the nation’s most sophisticated weapons systems for the U.S.

With advisory services, I work with the CEO / President or C-Suite on all matters a company faces in the complex federal environment. You’ll have direct and immediate access to me.

Together we collaborate on all aspects of federal engagement to produce dramatic wins:

  • Funding
  • Policy
  • Engagement planning
  • Corporate strategy
  • Industrial base concerns
  • Business development
  • Tax
  • Merger/acquisition
  • Leadership performance

I’ll show you how the process will unfold, provide you with an approximate timeline, and at the end of that process you can see a win that yields an ROI of 25x to 50x—no other project that you’re working on generates that magnitude of ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s critical that company leaders learn the federal process from end-to-end. Too many executives simply do not understand exactly where their federal funding comes from. They are typically one-layer deep in knowledge, when the most successful company executives are able to go three- and four-layers deep. The federal process is entirely learnable. However, most executives do not have time to go out and accumulate the decades of experience necessary to master the process. It is far easier to contract for this support and benefit from ongoing and unencumbered counsel.

Supplier days, when like-minded industry members come to Washington, DC to send a message, is one method of communicating with the customer constellation. It is known as coalition advocacy. This is the outer layer of the onion. Beyond supplier days, and far more effective, you are able to participate more individually and specifically to help generate good government outcomes that help the government and your specific company.

Federal sales are notoriously slow to mature. However, those who understand the processes of budgeting, funding, acquisition and contracting know how to short-circuit this complex federal process, shaving years off the time to reach tangible outcomes.

Success fees are common in business development and commodity sales. However, success fees are prohibited by the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007. All of my work is done via monthly retainer after we have agreed to objectives, measures and value.

I have a track record of success. My cumulative successes in upside sales generation is measured in billions of dollars. It does not serve me to work with companies who are not bringing forward good government solutions. I work with people who, like me, are in it to win.

Simply stated, no. When you look at the return on investment, lobbying and government relations typically return more on the investment than any other business activity associated with generating revenue.

Absolutely not. You are likely lobbying already, but not reporting it because you don’t know the rules. Although campaign contributions are an expression of free speech and general support for a candidate, they should not be conflated with lobbying.

Not directly. However, the acts associated with lobbying can get you more correctly aligned with the funding and policy process such that your company can be better positioned more often for outcomes of higher value. One half of all defense acquisition dollars goes to 40 companies; they all lobby proactively.

Do You Want to Achieve Outcomes Faster?

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Avoid Wasted Investment,
Lost Time, and Flat or Declining Federal Business


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