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Services for Defense and Security Businesses

Learn how to Master the 3-Ring Circus of Federal Sales® Navigating the Complexities of the Federal GovernmentDoesn’t Have to Feel Like Driving a Ship Through Heavy Seas
in a Dense Fog

It can take multiple years to get through a federal sales process.

Sometimes a new government policy stops your ability to sell your product or service.

Without the process knowledge, an appropriate amount of time, relationships with the right Congressional and executive decision makers, and integrated understanding of the government process, you won’t solve the problem on your own. Dealing with the Federal Government is complex, but not complicated. If your timing or message is off, or worse, with the wrong person, it could be years before you get another opportunity.

Confidently Achieve Your Business Outcomes

With decades of experience as an independent advisor, corporate lobbyist, Congressional liaison and Navy Captain, I’ve led others to funding and policy successes resulting in billions of dollars in sales through the following services:

Federal Government Funding

In the Federal budgeting process, timing is everything. Connect with the right people at the right time and achieve the federal sales outcomes you want.

Policy Change

If government policy has stopped your ability to do business with the Federal Government, know what to do to get the policy changed—so you can get back in business.


Trusted advisor to Presidents, CEOs, Boards, and C-Suites who want to do business with the Federal Government.


For businesses and military personnel, topics on the Washington, DC environment, Federal Government, and post-military life.

Avoid Wasted Investment,
Lost Time, and Flat or Declining Federal Business


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