Military jet and the Pentagon, highlighting concept of selling to the DoD.

Can Anyone Sell to the Department of Defense?

Are you considering selling to the DoD?

Yes, any company can sell to the DoD (Department of Defense). The needs of the entire DoD are so diverse that with very few exceptions, any company can find a customer within this department. DoD represents the largest department of discretionary government spending by a factor of ten.

But despite the clear opportunities, not every company is ready to take the plunge into federal sales—unfortunately, many venture in before they are ready. The results can be expensive, frustrating, and cause unnecessary reputational damage to your future government sales.

What’s the primary reason most companies aren’t ready when selling to the DoD?

They haven’t prepared themselves for the longer road to a government sale. They jump in with a weak plan and then tire of the effort and retire from it too early. The government funding process often takes years to instantiate. However, once it’s in place, it tends to form foundational business and lead to other adjacent government sales. Although, some commodity items can be sold in a matter of months through the Government Services Administration (GSA) list, that’s not where the largest opportunities exist and it’s not where more complex products and services are funded. Funding via programs of record can signify a strategic shift for most companies, but only if they know how to connect to those programs.

I have advised scores of companies on methods to align and link more effectively to funding opportunities that will provide a steady customer and revenue base for years.

How does your company get ready for the lengthy DoD selling process?

It’s simple. You have to map your customer constellation and learn where the government customer’s funding comes from. This means elevating your sights from the world of RFIs (Request for Information) and RFPs (Request for Proposal). The RFP represents a near-term opportunity that will likely go to the other guy because the other guy was working the process long before the RFP. Your competitors know how to position funding, move funding, and get RFPs written. You can as well. 

When you map your customer constellation and understand the flow of funding, you can better position to shorten the otherwise lengthy government buying process. Some of my clients see double-digit compound annual growth because they’ve learned these techniques.

When you map your customer constellation and understand the flow of funding, you can better position to shorten the otherwise lengthy government buying process. Share on X

What’s your three-year CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate)?

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