Resolve To Do This One Thing In 2024

Resolve To Do This One Thing In 2024

As you read this, we’re in week three of the new year—the year is nearly six percent complete!

It’s time for some predictions, and I encourage you to spend 15 minutes and see if you can develop some of your own.

My Top Ten Predictions for 2024

1. Neither President Biden nor Former President Trump will ultimately be elected in November. We are in for a wild ride, and some details have yet to be revealed to us. 

2. The ongoing continuing resolution debacle will be resolved by March 15th. A budget agreement for FY24 will include an aggressive southern border compromise.

3. The US will become engaged in a protracted Middle East conflict before the end of 2024. Our lack of a Middle East strategy to this point is catching up. It has begun; we still need to formulate the messaging to match the conditions.

4. The US will influence a negotiated settlement between Ukraine and Russia that includes partial annexation of Ukraine. There are no winners.

5. Artificial Intelligence will become a significant nationwide issue at the local school board level. Remember when calculators were not allowed for test-taking?

6. Artificial Intelligence will be the Time Magazine Person of the Year in 2024. 

7. Secretary Austin will step down as Secretary of Defense. Michelle Flournoy will again be touted as the heir apparent, a steady hand the turbulent times require.

8. Men’s neck-ties will continue to disappear, going the way of the men’s hat of the 1950s. By 2025, they will be worn only by men older than 70.

9. The average lifespan of Americans will return to its pre-pandemic upward trend. If you are 60 today, congratulations, the odds favor you’re reaching 100 years. What will you be doing at ages 70 and 80?

10. Mr. Beast will buy a second channel to diversify streamed content delivery under his control. If you don’t know 25-year-old Jimmy Donaldson, you should.

You don’t have to be correct in your predictions. The exercise will allow you to stretch your imagination. Make some predictions about your customers, maybe even about your employees. How well do you assess the conditions of your business? 

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