Even a Small Company Can Influence Federal Government Policy —

And Prevent A Substantial Revenue Loss And National Security Situation​

Rare Earth

What Do You Do If New Federal Policy Threatened Your Company’s Revenue?

A new federal government policy is issued.

It’s intended for good, but it hampers your company’s ability to deliver a product.

And if you can’t deliver the product, your revenue stalls.

Your Company Is One Small Fish In A Very Large Pond

Because your company is several layers down from the contractor relationship, it’s not in a position of authority to easily or quickly influence federal policy in its favor.

So, what do you do?

A Single Small Company Influenced A Policy Issue Of National And International Security Importance

This true story is possible because a company president decided to simultaneously lobby Congress via the House Armed Services Committee, the White House Office of Trade Policy, OSD’s Office of Industrial Base Policy, the U.S. Navy, and their prime and sub-prime partners who hire them.

This single company was able to influence a policy issue that had both national and international security importance and achieve the success they needed.

Gene Moran Case Study Download Image of Downloadable PDF with the words How one Small Company Changed Federal Policy and Avoided a National Security Risk

This Case Study Demonstrates That
Federal Government Policy Can Be Changed

Despite the complexity of the process, anyone has access to the Federal government and can influence a policy change.


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