Quick Hit – September 29, 2019

The Continuing Resolution

As we predicted, a Continuing Resolution (CR) has been signed into law to prevent a government shutdown. It allows maneuvering room for Congress to attempt to close out the FY20 appropriations process. The CR keeps funding at its current levels through November 21st. This resolution allows Congress more time to hash out the appropriations bills for FY20. This process is likely to be slowed down by the impeachment inquiry now taking place in the House and the debates that are likely to spring from the debate. Hopefully, Congress will be able to use the time provided by the CR to finalize the appropriations bills in time.

President Donald Trump  

What It Means

The landscape changed considerably in just a few weeks. It wasn’t that long ago that a two-year budget agreement covering FY20-21 was heralded as the “all clear” signal to complete appropriations on time and eliminate election year concerns over shutdown threats.  Then immigration, guns and now impeachment proceedings, came into much sharper focus. Look for the White House and President to make extreme demands in on each of the three key issues (guns, immigration and impeachment) in an effort to re-gain leverage.  Congress is on recess for the next two weeks allowing an opportunity to take the pulse of constituents on the current state of play. We’ll watch it closely so you don’t have to!

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi


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