Quick Hit – July 6, 2017

FY18 Defense bills take important first steps

Recognizing that getting all appropriations bills completed before the October 1st start of the fiscal year, Congress appears to be positioning for a security “mini-bus” comprised of Defense, Homeland Security, VA/MILCON and Energy/Water.

VA/MILCON appropriations moved through committees almost without notice in June.

Last week, 3 of 4 defense committees/subcommittees approved their FY18 “mark” – their puts and takes on President Trump’s $603B budget request.  Given the late arrival of the FY18 budget (late May), it was a bit of a surprise to see committee marks so quickly – attributable to a reduced hearing schedule and clear desire to keep the prospect of a long-term continuing resolution at bay.

Each committee has a slightly different approach; however, common themes include:

  • Base + OCO approaching $700B
  • Significant investment in readiness accounts
  • Less investment in procurement than expected based on campaign message
    • Hearing testimony suggests FY19 will be the “buildup” year for Trump

Topline numbers by committee

Chairman of HASC Mac Thornberry
HASC FY18 NDAA (passed 60 to 1):
  • Chairman Thornberry’s bill authorizes:
    • Base $614B
    • OCO $64.6B
Chairman of SASC John McCain
SASC FY18 NDAA (passed 27 to 0):
  • Chairman McCain’s bill authorizes:
    • Base $632B
    • OCO $60B
Chairwoman of HAC-D Kay Granger
HAC-D FY18 Appropriations Bill:
  • Chairwoman Granger’s bill appropriates:
    • Base $658B
    • OCO $74B

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