Quick Hit – January 4, 2015

Are you aligned to the year’s opportunities? Did your anticipated FY15 funding survive the final Cromnibus maneuvering in December? What budget years fund your programs? Your plan with federal customers is really a multi-year plan.

Three budgets in calendar year 2015

– The FY15 budget is back to the agencies for execution. The bill Congress passed in December looks much different than what was requested way back in March 2014.
– Billions of dollars were moved among accounts late in the process to support procurement plus-ups of Congressional favorites.
– Program managers are about to learn what they gained or lost in the shifts as they start to receive their FY15 funds.
– Funds will be reprogrammed throughout the year in response to these adjustments as well as to changes in conditions upon which the initial budget submission was based.
– Reprogramming actions can mean offensive and defensive challenges for your program. How is your relationship with your Program Manager and Program Executive Officer? Is your anticipated FY15 funding in place?

The FY16 budget is due to Congress 3 February; however, it will likely be forwarded to Congress late as it is expected to be above the Budget Control Act spending caps. Once the budget arrives in Congress, the FY16 appropriations process will move more quickly than in recent years.

– Republican control of both chambers of Congress should assure a common objective of timely completion.
– The window to make your initial program or policy case to Congressional staffs will close by April.
– Relief from FY16 sequester impacts as well as modest acquisition reforms have been stated as a top priorities by incoming SASC Chairman McCain and incoming HASC Chairman Thornberry.

Do you have an engagement plan to assure the story supporting your request is understood by Congressional decision makers?

The FY17 budget process is well underway within federal agencies as it works its way up the chains of command of each agency. Now is the time to shape requirements and outcomes. This is best done through direct engagement with resource sponsors, acquisition officials and operational beneficiaries of your equipment, technology or policy proposal.
– PMs and PEOs will send their inputs back to resource sponsors by mid-summer.
– Agency legislative policy proposals are well underway for the FY17 budget.
– Three budgets in motion = opportunity to impact outcomes

Near-term dates of interest:
6 January – Congress returns
20 January – State of the Union address
TBD January – Confirmation hearing for incoming SecDef Carter
TBD January – Confirmation hearing for incoming Attorney General Lynch
3 February – FY16 Presidential Budget request due to Congress
27 February – FY14 Homeland Security CR expires
15 March – Debt ceiling limit expires (current cap is 17.2 Trillion dollars !!)


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