Quick Hit – December 8, 2019

Appropriations Updates

Appropriations Chairmen Shelby (Senate) and Lowey (House) continue to signal that substantial progress is being made on conferencing some of the twelve appropriations bills. Both have publicly stated that agreements are such that at least some of the bills, including defense appropriations, could be passed by both chambers of Congress before the expiration of the continuing resolution on December 20th.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin

Let’s not hold our breath just yet, but it is positive movement. Expect a flurry of activity on this and the headlines of impeachment and shutdown will vie for the news lead.

NDAA Update

An NDAA agreement between House and Senate versions of the bill has gone to the printer. Anticipate public release in the coming week. This would surely be a significant victory for both Congress and President Trump. 

Impeachment Proceedings

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler

The Impeachment process continues in the House with the House Intelligence Committee now passing off the baton to the House Judiciary Committee. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is unequivocal that the House will pursue Articles of Impeachment against President Trump and the Judiciary Committee is where the actual Articles are crafted. It remains to be seen whether the House Democrats will focus on the Ukraine issue or go for a broader list of charges in the Articles. Either way, after the Articles are voted out of committee, they will be voted on the House floor.  If some or all of them pass, they will continue on to the Senate for a trial. While the House will likely try to work quickly, the timeline and scope of the process is still unclear. The Senate has not released its January calendar.

What it Means

As reported for the past several months now, impeachment proceedings continue to be the wrench in the gears of legislative progress. Beneath the impeachment headlines, the movement toward legislative agreements, to which we have been referring, is now manifesting in some public announcements.  Look for maximum pressure to combine several appropriations bills for passage as December 20th approaches. The remainder will simply move to next year.  We’ll continue to watch this so you don’t have to.

What’s Gene Up To?

    • Last week Gene was in Newport, RI for a small gathering of world-class consultants learning and sharing best practices. Attendees hailed from around the US, Australia and Russia. Yes, we do have friends in Russia. This week, Gene is in Germany meeting with an invitation-only group of consulting counterparts representing the US, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland.  These investments in time and energy assure a balanced world view is brought to bear on the challenges with which Gene helps his clients. Getting out of our own bubble is a critical element of maintaining perspective. How often do you step back and objectively look at your business and business practices?
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    • Another announcement coming this week!

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