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Position Your FY25 Congressional Request

Spend 30 minutes to learn once-and-for-all how to formulate an effective message to best tell your company’s story to both the executive branch and Congress. Join the top one percent who amplify their success each year.

Is your company a top one-percenter? Let’s see.

According to Bloomberg Government, each year, the top performing federal contractors participate in federal lobbying to engage the executive branch and Congress.

Yet, fewer than one percent of companies participate in this legal and ethical activity. 

Some companies communicate without registering, and in doing so reveal myriad shortcomings in credibility and understanding to their executive branch and congressional audiences.

“Why does this happen?” you might ask.

Because most defense executives have no idea how to effectively communicate their message. They rely on weak networks, on-the-job training, and an inflated ego.

Odds are if you are reading this, you are among the 99% of companies that do NOT engage the legislative process to support your sales. The numbers bear it out.

Think I’m wrong? Test your knowledge with my 5-question quiz:

  1. When does the FY25 budget go to Congress?
  2. When will Congress listen to your FY25 input and act on your behalf?
  3. Does your Member of Congress know you and what your company needs in a specific line of the FY25 budget request? If not now, how will they?
  4. At what point does a BD discussion with a senior decision-maker become lobbying?
  5. Name one defense company with revenue above $500 million that does not formally lobby.

Join me on Thursday, Sept 14th at 11 EDT for this interactive zoom session and learn how to formulate your own effective message to best tell your company’s story to both the executive branch and Congress. You deserve to be in the 1% club.

Special disclaimer—The event aims to support industry executives. This event is not open to lobbyists and consultants.

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