Pitching the Big Top: How to Master the 3-Ring Circus of Federal Sales®


Most Don’t Know How to Sell to the Federal Government

Most companies approach selling to the Federal Government like they would any other business to business sales strategy. And they fail.

That’s because selling to the Federal Government is a complex process and is nothing like selling to another business.

If You Want Success, You Need to Know How It Works

The Federal Government spends more than a Trillion dollars annually on discretionary purchases.

That means the government can be your bedrock customer of a lifetime.

In Pitching the Big Top: How to Master the 3-Ring Circus of Federal Sales®, Gene Moran pulls back the curtain and reveals the three strategic rings of the federal funding and policy circus.

The Ringmaster: Gene Moran

Before founding his own government relations firm, Gene’s decades as a Navy Captain at sea and in Washington, Congressional liaison and corporate lobbyist has given him unique perspectives and experiences.

Gene now routinely helps large Fortune and NASDAQ-100 companies to 2-person startups working out of a garage. His results measure to billions of dollars in favorable outcomes for clients.

He can help you understand the many forces at work in the circus of federal sales.

You Can Learn to Sell to the Federal Government

In Pitching the Big Top, you’ll learn the process knowledge, timing, and intricacies in selling to the Federal Government.

You’ll recognize where you may be wasting energy on the wrong part of the federal sales process.

You’ll know if you are meeting with the right people at the right time.

Most importantly, your federal sales prospects and results will begin to improve.

Avoid wasted investment, lost time, and losing federal business.

Order your copy of Pitching the Big Top today.

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