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Our Long National Nightmare: A Plea for Accountability and Resolution

For those on my forum, TheBigTop (, occasionally you’ll see me comment on topics that, by their nature, are political.  I don’t usually put them in the newsletter, but here it goes.

Our federal and state justice departments need to find a way to settle with Trump. There is a settlement to be had. It will be uncomfortable for everyone involved. But it must be done.

When it was revealed that Hillary Clinton maintained a server for the processing of government emails and official business at her home, I was really surprised. I was most surprised that it was allowed to happen at all. Apparently, the Inspector General of the Department of State, and all those around then-Secretary Clinton allowed it to happen. Most people I know who came up in government, particularly those in the military, found this arrangement well outside of established practice and highly irregular.

When parts of official records went missing in the post-ex to determine what may have been classified on the Clinton home server, it was not a good look. Many were rightfully left to believe that the established standard of handling and processing of government material was violated, and that there was no accountability in the aftermath.

I reluctantly voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election as I found Donald Trump completely unqualified for the role. I rationalized that at least Clinton understood how to use the levers of our nation’s power on the global stage. As a father of four adult daughters, I found Trump’s personal and long-standing example and treatment of others to be inconsistent with my view of ethical conduct. He was personally unfit.

The predicament President Trump now finds himself in is a mess of his own making. Classified document handling, resistance to legitimate requests for return of official records, and everything associated with his transfer of power (January 6th, GA elections, unwillingness to participate in the inauguration) all contain the elements of hubris and arrogance that have crippled great men and women for centuries.

Trump’s resistance to accountability continues to challenge our longstanding rule of law, and threatens another cycle of electoral politics. Frankly, the overwhelming majority of our population is not following the details of the events closely, and has only a surface level awareness of the troubles.

Television pundits and observers are equating four things right now:

  • Clinton’s email server
  • President Biden’s classified material in his home and multiple offices
  • Vice President Pence’s classified material in his home
  • President Trump’s handling of classified material

Some are attempting to compare Trump’s conduct with then-President Nixon’s association with the Watergate break in and subsequent coverup. The events in all of the above are not the same. That is not to say that they are all right. Not by a longshot.

President Trump has no incentive to equivocate in any way. His fundraising apparatus is collecting funds from a wide swath of America willing to contribute to this underdog story. Those funds are required if Trump is to continue mounting a defense that would otherwise bankrupt him.

Some are saying there are two systems of justice. Blacks and other minorities have known of two systems of justice for a very long time. But we are not talking about the same two systems. The justice system does advantage those with the means and connections to mount a vociferous defense to any charge. We’ve seen it unfold since our founding. Again, that does not make it a right system.

Our rule of law, and the democratic republic it supports, is imperfect. Yet the system is better than anything else devised by man to date.

Where is Gene going with this, you ask?

Some form of discipline should have been pursued with Secretary Clinton. It was wrong for that not to come about. We can’t change that today.

Pence and Biden classified material handling is being dealt with administratively, as it should. There does not appear to have been willful intent to harbor classified material.

Well, what about Hunter Biden and the Biden Family entanglements you may ask. They should be looked into. There is a lot that does not add up about wealth and position, and what appears to be the use of public office for personal gain.

Well, what about the Trump Family entanglements you may ask. They should also be looked into. As with the Biden Family, there is a lot that does not add up about wealth and position, and what appears to be the use of public office for personal gain.

The issue that is front and center today is a 37-count indictment against a former President. It is a terrible look all around.

I appreciate what I am suggesting is highly distasteful to many. It is distasteful to me. But for the good of our country, we should find a settlement channel quickly.

I recall the words of then-President Ford at his inauguration upon Nixon’s resignation, “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.”  Ford was not a popular president and was not re-elected. It was the price of a very difficult, but very necessary decision.

What allowed that pardon to come about? The congressional leaders of President Nixon’s own party finally came forward and told him that he had lost their support and it was time to resign. Then-Senator Howard Baker (R-TN) was recognized for his pivotal role in shifting the tide to get to such an outcome.

Where is the Senator Baker of our time?


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