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Are You Following the Herd?

If you sell to the federal government’s defense market and don’t track the most reliable news sources on your newsfeed, you are part of the herd and might be the hunted.

For good or bad, we live in a time where self-selecting our news sources informs our world view. Be it through feeds, lists, subscriptions, or algorithmic functions, many of us reinforce interpretations of events that comport with our perceptions.

Confirmation bias? Maybe.

It doesn’t really matter why we do it, but it can be useful to understand that we do it. What matters, as it relates to this message, is how it may affect what and how you communicate with your federal customer and professional colleagues.

Change Your Newsfeed to Change Customer Conversations

In 2021, you can make the effort to drive conversations. Engage your customer on topical issues and go beyond the immediate need you or they may have. You’ll be surprised at how people will open up to informed dialogue.

Ground your conversation with facts from quality sources, and you’ll start to see people seeking your advice and counsel—yes, your customer will call you and ask for your thoughts and inputs.

These sources are in my regular scan:

1. The Wall Street Journal (minus the Op-Eds)

2. Politico – various feeds by subject

3. Bloomberg Government

4. National Defense Journal

There are others, but these four can guide extremely informed conversations.

In 2021, you can make the effort to drive customer conversations with facts from quality sources. You’ll start to see people who will seek your advice and counsel. Learn which sources to follow: Share on X

What sources do you follow on your newsfeed? Let me know in the comments.

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