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Politically High-Tech with Elias - From D-Day to Cybersecurity: Insights from Gene Moran

Gene sheds light on the federal approach to national defense, the convoluted flow of modern information, and the ongoing struggle to establish factual consensus.

KNX 971 NewsTalk

Gene Moran Interviewed on KNX-LA

Gene Moran gives insight on the current situations with Russia, Cuba, Ukraine and China.

How an Iranian-Backed Militia Ties Down U.S. Naval Forces in the Red Sea

Gene Moran weighs in on the hundreds of attacks Yemen’s Houthis have launched, and American military officials see no end in sight.

Gene Moran on How the U.S. Honors Fallen Military Members

Retired Navy Captain Gene Moran talked about how the U.S. military honors America’s fallen soldiers.

The Afterburn Podcast

Episode 94  @AfterburnPodcast  with host John “Rain” Waters and guest, retired U.S. Navy Captain Gene Moran. Capt (Ret) Moran, is a renowned national security expert and founder of Capitol Integration.

Gene Moran on KCBS Radio in San Francisco

Gene gives his opinion on the situation in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and the potential of a mass migration to the United States.

Charting the Course: Gene Moran's Strategic Voyage from Navy to Capitol Hill

In the complex world of Washington, D.C., where important decisions about policy and innovation are made, Gene Moran, PhD, stands out and commands attention.

Facing the Storm: America's Geopolitical Vulnerabilities

Former U.S. Navy Capt, Author & National Security Expert Gene Moran discusses the very real threats we face from China, Russian and beyond.

Gene Moran on U.S. Against Iran-Backed Targets

Retired Navy Captain Gene Moran talked about the military strategy behind the U.S. strikes against Iran-backed targets in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen and whether they’ve been effective.

Coffee-Time-Again: Gene Moran 2nd interview

This is my second interview with Gene. He is a former Naval Commander, with 20+years experence and worked in the Pentagon. He knows and understands about what is going on with the government, and the Military/Industrial complex, plus the reasons of the election problems.

US Tries to Persuade Shippers to Sail Red Sea Despite Houthi Attacks

The US military is trying to reassure shipping companies that a multinational force is making it safe to sail through the Red Sea and Suez Canal even though attacks from Yemen-based Houthi rebels

BREAKING: Trump BARRED From Colorado Ballot

The Colorado State Supreme Court tries to remove Donald Trump from the ballot for insurrection; the media react with exultation to the idea of Trump being disqualified from the presidency; and Democrats blame Texas Governor Greg Abbott for a five-year-old migrant dying in Chicago.

Red Sea shipping blockages are 'completely unacceptable': Cpt. Gene Moran

Retired Navy ship Cpt. Gene Moran examines the impact of vessels that forced to found alternate routes around the Red Sea due to Houthi attacks.

U.S. Leads Bid to Secure Red Sea, but Shipping Firms Remain on Edge

Hours after the U.S. announced a multinational task force to protect commercial traffic through the Red Sea, shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk said it would send its vessels around the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa instead.

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Politically High-Tech with Elias - Interview with Government Consultant and Lobbyist Gene Moran

This interview will uncover on some facts that are not known like the number of them, how to engage with government official effectively and healthy perspective on Military Industrial Complex.

The Israel-Hamas war may continue longer than we all think

KNX Chief Correspondent Charles Feldman goes In Depth into the Israel-Hamas war and how it might last a long time. Gene Moran is an author and former Senior Naval Officer. He escorted U.S. Congressional delegations for several years across the Middle East.

Unmasking America's National Security Threats: Cyber Security, Immigration, Military Ft. Gene Moran

In the newest episode of the podcast we bring on Gene Moran to discuss America’s National Security. America may be the most powerful country in the world but we can’t be ignorant about potential threats across the world. Countries like China, Russia, North Korea and more are constantly on the move to overthrow the power of the United States of America.

The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Million Dollar Influence: How to Drive Powerful Decisions through Language, Leverage, and Leadership by Alan Weiss, Gene Moran

Even senior people, business owners, and board members are unaware of the nuances of influence on a daily basis. They think in a straight line and try to “strike deals,” use hierarchical power, make “trade-offs,” or bargain as if at a flea market.

Adapting The Government and Military 22 Years After 9-11-01 With Dr. Gene Moran

Thank you to Dr. Gene Moran, founder and President of Capitol Integration, for giving an eye-openng look into how defense contracts with the Government work as well as his eye-witness account of 9/11 being at the Pentagon as it was being attacked 22 years ago.

Understanding The Business of Defense Lobbying with Gene Moran

In the episode of The KAJ Masterclass LIVE, gain Insight into the World of Defense Lobbying with Leading Defense Lobbyist Gene Moran.

Understanding The Business of Defense Lobbying with Gene Moran

In this episode, Teresa connects with Gene Moran to discuss the key to success in government contracting. They discuss how Gene careers as an active duty Naval Officer, lobbyist, and consultant relate to his current line of work.

Gene Moran, President of Capitol Integration, is a leader par excellence. Described by clients as “knowledgeable and trustworthy,” Gene has over 20 years of experience preparing and implementing successful federal engagements leading to tangible funding and policy outcomes.

My work is singularly focused on helping clients achieve dramatic funding and policy outcomes in Washington, DC that advance the objectives of both the client and our government: Gene Moran (of Capitol Integration) said while speaking with The Silicon Review

Transitioning from a military career to the corporate world can be a fraught process. In addition to networking their way into new professional circles and learning new cultural mores, veterans need to find an answer to the most fundamental question: what career will best suit them?

There are three categories of lobbying in the defense industry: those who lobby; those who lobby but don’t think they lobby; and those who have no real awareness of how lobbying could help them.

You can make it so - Guest: Gene Moran - special year end edition

In a special Year End Edition of our You Can Make It So Podcast we welcome Gene Moran, to discuss – his latest book – Million Dollar Influence: How to Drive Powerful Decisions Through Language, Leverage, and Leadership, co-written with Alan Weiss

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She Talks Business with Special Guest Gene Moran

In this week’s episode, you’ll get to listen in on a powerful conversation about how your services can make a significant impact in the life of someone else.

There are three categories of lobbying in the defense industry: those who lobby; those who lobby but don’t think they lobby; and those who have no real awareness of how lobbying could help them.

Gene Moran - Richard Howard Podcast Image

Pitching The Big Top with Gene Moran

In this episode Richard C. Howard speaks with Gene Moran author of “Pitching the Big Top: How to Master the Three Ring Circus of Federal Sales”.

Gene Moran National Defense Article

Commentary: It’s Time to Re-Open the People’s House

No matter one’s political ideology, we can be confident that the legislation Congress considers and passes for fiscal year 2022 policy and spending will be less than it could have been. Why? Because the inputs were substandard and we mostly just went through the motions to get to an outcome.

Businesses Must Embrace Ethical Lobbying If They Want To Benefit From Government Spending

Supporters of increased Federal spending believe it will help the economy recover and fuel a small business boom. That can only happen if small businesses can understand and access Federal government contracts. Almost all of them don’t and can’t, because they don’t lobby the government.

Increased Federal Spending Can Signal Opportunity for Business

While the US government tries to combat federal debt, manage inflation, and reach consensus on myriad issues, many business owners and executives will be concerned about the economic fallout.

Gene Moran - L & L Podcast Image

The 3 Ring Circus of Federal Sales℠ with Gene Moran

Gene explains the process of understanding, starting, connecting, making and strengthening your case, and the step by step how-to of becoming a vendor to the federal government.


The legislation revisits various nagging issues with a history
of confounding regulation and policy efforts, including voting
rights and access, campaign finance, lobbying, financial disclosure requirements, and various ethics rules applicable to all three government branches.


For startups, winning a small business grant is a cause of celebration, but its only the beginning of a long road.

How to sell more to the Federal Government

How to Sell More to the Federal Government

If you think of the federal government as an industry, then it is one of the top ten industries in America.

Gene Moran - Podcast Image (1)

Gene Moran on How His Book Transformed His Business

We published his #1 Amazon bestselling book, Pitching the Big Top: How to Master the 3-Ring Circus of Federal Sales®, last year and are publishing his second book next year. Why is he doing two books, you ask? Well, you won’t have to ask once you listen to this episode.

Gene Moran - Podcast Image

A Discussion of Advocacy in Washington, DC

Join us with Kitty McGowan, U.S. Superyacht Association President, along with her guest Gene Moran of Capitol Integration. We will be gaining understanding the process of lobbying in U.S. politics, how it works, why it makes a difference, and how it can accelerate outcomes in Washington D.C. and impact your bottom line.

Supersonic Leaders + Teams

Fear & Leadership During COVID-19

Tune in to hear Gene and Loree discuss his approach to leadership as well as the differences in leadership in the military versus the civilian world. Their conversation evolves as they cover topics on how leadership has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic and the surprisingly important role that fear plays in any kind of leadership position.

Washington DC Capitol dome detail with waving american flag

How to Master The 3-Ring Circus of Federal Sales®

Federal Access Podcast sat down with bestselling author Gene Moran to discuss How to Master the 3-Ring Circus of Federal Sales®. When you step into the government market, you quickly learn that it doesn’t operate like a traditional business.

This photograph represent successful business people during a presentation

Who’s Your Federal Customer?

To win government contracts, you first need to understand who you’re selling to—and where that money is coming from. A primer on who is your Federal customer.

Thriving Through Ambiguity Image

Thriving Through Ambiguity

Successfully Navigating the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic. Thirty steps your business can take today to be prepared for future success.

Fear of the ‘L’ Word Affecting Bottom Lines

Fear of the ‘L’ Word Affecting Bottom Lines

See Gene’s recent article in National Defense magazine on conducting business in Washington, DC.


Worst ‘Toxic Leadership’ in 20 Years Costs Leader Her Status and Rewards

Her name and career are in reputation crisis. What happened?

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The Shape of the Federal Sale

A simple tool to help the business development and sales teams communicate the totality of their status as the process unfolds.


Want to unlock funding secrets and close federal contracts faster?

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