5 Reasons for the Make Your Move Podcast blog and image of Gene Moran.

5 Reasons for the Make Your Move Podcast

Discover how the Make Your Move podcast became a reality.

As recently as six months ago, the idea of my being a podcaster was as remote as me becoming a low-handicap golfer. For those who have not seen me play, that translates to a distant vision. My colleague and chief marketer, Lisa Larter, who owns both The Lisa Larter Group and Go Daxxi Marketing, suggested I consider developing a podcast in the context of my recent book, Make Your Move: Charting Your Post-Military Career. Since it’s now clear that the Make Your Move podcast is a reality, how did it come to be? Five reasons tell the story.

How the Make Your Move Podcast Became a Reality

1. I needed to adjust my perspective on why a podcast makes sense.

The challenge put before me was simple. Think about how the story of Make Your Move could be amplified if told alongside the stories of other veterans’ experiences of their post-military life. Integrating what I’ve learned in business with what I’ve learned from working with and alongside veterans, I might be able to share a better collective story of discovery and of business success. Ideally, through the stories of other veterans, we might inspire those still on active duty as they begin to envision their post-military lives.

2. I began to see how meaningful information conveys from credible sources.

I began listening to Lisa Larter’s “She Talks Business” podcast to understand her approach to the podcasting concept. Using it as an additional tool in her toolkit, Lisa leverages professional relationships with her desire to help clients improve their condition. Every guest has a unique angle on a business concept. It finally dawned on me that while there are many similarities in the stories of veterans, they are each unique and highly credible. Each could have value in the eyes of others.

I believe the desire for veterans to help veterans is quite strong, but it’s not always so obvious how one might help. Some just need to be asked. Click To Tweet

3. I may have access to a network of resources that others don’t.

Lisa said, “Write down ten names who you think would participate in an interview and share their story.” That exercise took me minutes. I submit that any veteran could do the same within their own network. But then there it was in written form—a season of 10 episodes was now staring me in the face in the form of my list that took mere minutes to compile. “Think about a trailer that encapsulates your own story,” Lisa suggested further. Easy enough as I had recently published Make Your Move: Charting Your Post-Military Career to tell just that story.

4. I didn’t have to do all the work myself.

As we all learn with age, working smarter is a lot more rewarding than working harder. I fully embrace Dan Sullivan’s Who Not How book and the entirety of its message. Focus ones’ talent on things you do well and hire out the rest. I would only need to conduct the interviews of the podcast, then let the professionals package the product.

5. I could see clearly that the podcast would not be about me.

I did not want to be part of a podcast filled with self-promotional hot air. Although I accept that marketing is a part of any successful business, my clients expect that I am professional, discreet, and utterly trustworthy. I needed to know that the vision of a professionally produced podcast would materialize in the form of a useful resource for veterans and not be about me directly promoting my business.

As of this writing, Season 2 is nearly fully recorded and will soon be “in the can.” To date, the stories unfolding during the interviews are both personal and powerful. I’m grateful to the guests who have come forward, and equally proud to say that not one person I have approached for an interview said no. I believe the desire for veterans to help veterans is quite strong, but it’s not always so obvious how one might help. Some just need to be asked.

If you are a veteran who’d like to share your story of transition for the benefit of others, I’d welcome your participation in the podcasting project. Email me at [email protected]. The Make Your Move podcast stems directly from my book Make Your Move: Charting Your Post-Military Career. All proceeds from the book benefit Freedom Fighter Outdoors.

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