GM LinkedIn Polling Results

LinkedIn Polling Results

Polling on LinkedIn is far from scientific and draws from a small subset of a community, but I like that polls can be used as tools to stimulate conversation among colleagues and employees. It’s been a bit since I reviewed recent polling here. The polls below were conducted in April and May. I encourage you to use them as conversation starters with employees. Use them as prompts when you kick off your next staff meeting. You’ll be surprised where the conversation can take you.

When asked, “What challenges do you face in identifying or communicating your value proposition?”

  • 75% said clarifying what sets us apart from our competitor
  • 25% said getting buy-in from stakeholders
  • 0% chose crafting a concise and compelling message or ensuring consistency across all communication channels

Whatever your value proposition, it needs to be commonly understood by your team.

When asked, “How frequently do you attend industry expos and conferences?”

  • 42% said regularly, multiple times per year
  • 25% said never
  • 17% said occasionally, once or twice per year
  • 17% said rarely, once per year

As ever, this one is a head-scratcher when you see below where we meet decision-makers.

When asked, “How do you define expertise in your field?”

  • 50% said combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application
  • 25% said comprehensive knowledge and skills acquired through experience and education
  • 25% said demonstrated ability to consistently achieve successful outcomes
  • 0% said recognition by peers and industry professionals as an SME

Expertise requires more than time on task; it requires identifiable abilities to accomplish measurable outcomes based on acquired knowledge and experience.

When asked, “What’s the most effective way to reach a decision-maker?”

  • 90% said referral from a colleague
  • 5% said “bump and roll” at a trade show
  • 5% said email three times
  • 0% said stalk them at their kid’s soccer pitch

I’ve asked before, what’s your real trade show strategy?

When asked, “What do you believe is the most significant benefit of hiring veterans in the defense industry?”

  • 33% said adaptability and problem-solving
  • 33% said teamwork and collaboration
  • 20% said relevant experience
  • 13% said leadership

Comments were encouraging of a fourth choice, “all of the above.”

When asked, “What do you see as the biggest opportunity for your company in FY25?”

  • 43% said strategic partnerships
  • 29% said defense spending
  • 29% said technological advancements

I stand by my mantra that despite the apparent chaos of Washington-based decision-making, the defense department contracts over $9 billion per week. There will remain countless opportunities for those companies that remain engaged.

When asked, “What do you do when you realize you have a problem with an employee’s fit?”

  • 38% said attempt to remediate the situation with training
  • 25% said have the hard conversation
  • 0% said manage the person out
  • 25% said all of the above 

Finding fit before the hire remains the best remedy. A deliberate and thoughtful hiring approach can help in spending time with the prospective hire. My wife and I joke that new couples should have to assemble some IKEA furniture together or wire a smart light switch together before marrying. What’s your fit-test for hiring?

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