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Today marks a departure from our usual content, as I reach out with a heartfelt request. I invite you to join me in making a meaningful contribution to an organization that holds great significance to me. As President of the Sarasota-Manatee Council of the Navy League of the United States, I oversee all aspects of our fundraising and support for the Sea Services.

The video linked below explains how the Giving Challenge of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County matches even the smallest of financial contributions during a 24-hour period only, from noon April 9th until noon April 10th.

Click here to watch Gene explain how easy it is to make a donation of any dollar value.

While the Navy League of the United States is a global organization, at the local level, we provide scholarships to nine JROTC units in three counties across the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. We also support a Young Marines program and the Sea Cadets. A select few can apply for and attend the National Flight Academy, an immersive learning experience.

In addition to scholarships, we regularly recognize active-duty members of the US Coast Guard and adopt US Coast Guard ships. Each of these activities is funded through charitable contributions.

I made my personal decision to join the Navy by the time I was 14 years old. That’s because I had positive exposure to the opportunities, the challenges, and the larger mission that sea service provides. At the time, I had no inkling that I would serve 24 years or eventually command ships around the world. But I was drawn toward the dream of that possibility.

The programs we support directly serve that mission.

Look no further than the daily headlines overseas and locally. Two ships that I commanded and an aircraft carrier I supported twice are in the Red Sea today. Locally, in my backyard, the USCGC Resolute (based in St Petersburg, FL) recently completed a counternarcotics mission in the eastern Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. They made headlines with two significant busts amounting to nearly $100 million in street-valued drugs being disrupted and confiscated.

Look south to Haiti, and you’ll see the US Coast Guard positioned for the pending migration based on the failure of a government to provide for its people.

Look to the recruiting challenges faced by ALL US military services over the past three years.

Who will fill these roles? The answer is “inspired individuals who want to make a difference.”

They are in high school today. Your contributions fuel such dreams and inspiration.

Please mark your calendar and give what you can during this special 24-hour Giving Challenge from noon on April 9th – noon on April 10th. Thank you for your support.

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