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FY24 Budget Brief – Everything You Need to Know
Join me for 30 minutes on March 28th when I’ll reveal everything you need to know about the 2024 Federal Budget and then some.

The new Federal Budget was released on March 9th.

Do you understand what it means for your business?

Do you know what to do next?

Are you ready to start the process to ensure you get the funding you need?

During this interactive roundtable discussion, I will break down my interpretation of the 2024 budget, the wins, losses, and greatest opportunities, and I will answer any question you have on how to best move forward to secure the funding your organization needs.

The budget is a key part of your business strategy, don’t miss this important conversation. Register now for my free interactive zoom session.

Tuesday, March 28th 2023 at 9AM EDT.

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webinar signup gene


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