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Introducing My Top Five Strategies for Excelling in Federal Sales
Spend 30 minutes with me and I’ll reveal My Top Five Strategies—See how well they align with yours!

Do you know why 50% of all defense acquisition dollars go to fewer than 50 companies and their subs?

Do you know why the 200 Top-Performing Companies as measured in Federal Sales are in the Top 200?

Most think it has to do with size. That is just one component. The underlying reason is that those top-performing companies have fine-tuned their process to align to the federal process. They do so by applying extremely experienced people to specific tasks in the process.

My Top Five Strategies will reveal some of those better-deployed practices so you can bring them into your business. Five tips make all the difference.

You might think, “I’ll figure it out,” or, “I know what I need to know.” You might.

However, too many business leaders responsible for developing and completing federal sales learn the complex process through the school of hard knocks and on-the-job training (OJT). My research confirms unequivocally that most people in federal sales are learning as they go and “figuring it out” over time. Some are lucky to have a mentor they can turn to and ask questions without fear of embarrassment.

Too many just plod along and underperform. Too often, they will learn the real process while at one company, then move to another company where they might get a fresh start.

The problem with the OJT method is obvious. It takes years to develop years of experience. And too often, years doing one thing or selling just one product, does not translate into experience. It’s just lost time.

Some small companies simply don’t have the resources to devote the time, attention, and investment in learning critical idiosyncrasies of the funding of federal opportunities that precede the RFP and contracting phase.

There’s a reason that some companies are able to communicate with their agency customer and relevant Congressional decision-makers with ease and at will.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 1PM EDT  

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webinar signup gene
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