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Accelerate your federal sales outcomes in 2023
Join me for 30 minutes on January 27th when I’ll reveal my Top Five Strategies for Excelling in Federal Sales

80% of federal business opportunities are awarded to companies who have mastered the system.

The underlying reason is that those top-performing companies have fine-tuned their process to align and integrate their own process with the federal process.

You can be part of that elite group but you need to learn a few key tips.

Most people in federal sales are trying to ‘’figure it out’’ while losing critical time learning ‘’on the job.’’

Drawing on my substantial experience across The 3-Ring Circus of Federal Sales®, my Top Five Strategies will reveal some of the better-deployed practices you can bring into your business.

Register now for my free interactive zoom session and learn how to excel in federal sales.

Friday, January 27th 2023 at 11AM EST

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webinar signup gene


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