GM Did You Vote in My Polls

Did You Vote in My Polls?

A Dive into Polls — Responses from My LinkedIn Community

It’s been a while since I have shared what I regularly capture in feedback from my LinkedIn Audience polls. Here’s what they said.

Q – Recently DoD’s office of personnel management asked for inputs on Talent Management. I asked the audience what they thought of the request that was published on a Friday afternoon.

  • It’s about time you asked – 56%
  • Enough already – 22%
  • An essential move forward – 22%

I thought the timing of the release gave it the feel of a data call that would check a block rather than generate meaningful feedback.

Q – What is your view on AI in defense?

  • Promising future – 39%
  • Cautious optimism – 39%
  • Concerns – 18%
  • Other – 4%

Audiences appear to recognize that AI is another technology tool that must be mastered. Perhaps with the exception of nuclear weapons, mankind appears to have mastered every technology that has come along.

Q – What do you believe is the most impactful role of autonomous vehicles in modern joint military operations?

  • Surveillance – 55%
  • Strikes – 23%
  • Rescue – 11%
  • Logistics – 11%

I believe surveillance, presence, and logistics will be where autonomy allows the greatest economy of force and simultaneous multiplication of force.

Q – What are your biggest challenges selling to the federal government?

  • Bureaucracy and regulation – 20%
  • Lengthy procurement process – 73%
  • Security & Compliance – 0%
  • Intense Competition – 7%

Given the impact of cyber and the slow crawl toward CMMC 2.0 implementation, the zero percent response was a surprise to me. The lengthy process is a Gordian knot that can and must be cut. Perhaps some PPBE reforms will help. Decades of acquisition reform have failed to materially improve the length of time from concept to sale.

Q – How can the defense industry enhance resilience and reduce supply chain limitations?

  • Second Sourcing – 40%
  • Diversify Suppliers – 20%
  • Strengthen Partnerships – 0%
  • Innovate Procurement – 40%

I believe strengthening partnerships with allies is essential. Perhaps partnerships were interpreted as US business partnerships. Buy America is a great political tagline, but it is a poor policy. The US has countless allies on whom we can depend, and we should include them in our calculus. Thinking we can make the best of everything within the shorelines of the US is an arrogant premise for supply chain policy.

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