Skip the Red Tape and Fast Track Your Federal Contract

Gene Moran has decades of experience as a highly successful independent consultant, lobbyist and advisor to defense companies of all sizes with results measured in billions of dollars.

He routinely helps 5-million to 15-billion-dollar companies to improve their positions and achieve billions of dollars in federal funding.

If you are interested in learning more, call or fill out this form to request to have an exploratory conversation with Gene.

Areas of expertise include:
  • Deep understanding of how to successfully sell to the federal government
  • Navigating the complex funding process long before an RFP is issued
  • Influencing or changing government policy so you can get back in business
  • Timely advice in navigating the challenges that arise in working through the federal process

Two ways to contact me now:

  • Call +(616) 951-4688 (GOVT) for quickest contact
  • Or complete the form below and I’ll suggest times to connect this week.


Want to unlock funding secrets and close federal contracts faster?

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