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Are U.S. Federal Sales Opportunities Just Out of Your Reach?

You have a great product that you know would interest the Department of Defense or Homeland Security. You’ve gone through the process and submitted an RFP. But, in the end, you’re either getting a small contract or worse, you’re completely overlooked.

And you have no idea why.

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You thought your great product was in the bag.

Then why are inferior products getting the federal business?

You’ve been talking to your federal customer, complied with the myriad process requirements, attended every single meeting, submitted your RFPs on time…

And still, you’re not getting federal business—but your competitors are.

You did everything right.

Or did you?

What you don’t realize is that landing federal business is like walking through 5,000 miles of uncharted territory — but all you have is a compass.

Doing business with the U.S. federal government requires very specific process knowledge, relationships with the right Congressional and executive decision makers, and an integrated understanding of the government process.

80% of defense federal opportunities are taken by companies who already mastered the territory. This competitive space requires experience.

You need a proven system to properly engage the federal government from start to finish.

A system that will:

  • Help you recognize who your federal customer really is (in most cases, you’re not speaking to the right people)
  • Solidify your understanding of the federal selling environment (it’s much more complex than you think—but learnable)
  • Fill in your knowledge gaps (right now, you’re in the costly position of not knowing what you don’t know)
  • Lift you from the chaos of RFPs, RFIs, RFQs, unanswered calls and messages, and “just-missed-its” (if your timing is off, it could be years before you get another opportunity)
  • Help you win more federal business more easily and more predictably
Companies have achieved billions of dollars from federal sales with this proven system.
These companies turn to Gene Moran to help them engage, serve, and sell to the federal government:
This company achieved increased business with the U.S. Air Force. Find out how.

Get the federal outcomes you seek more easily, more predictably, and at greater dollar values.

Companies aspiring to move from $5 million to $500 million in federal revenue have already mastered the material in this program.

You can, too.

Introducing… Capitol Currency One million businesses compete for federal government funding per year.

Capitol Currency will help you stand out from the crowd.

Using shorter- and longer-style videos, templates, a workbook and digital book, you can become a master at navigating the complexity of doing business with the federal government. This learning experience will transfer Gene’s decades of experience to you.

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Dive right in with Quick Start

Discover more about Capitol Currency and the different methods of learning so you can focus on your immediate needs.

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Industry, Agency, and Congress

Each of these three areas strongly influence your business development and sales process. Discover how they’re interrelated, how funding works, and the importance of timing when it comes to selling to the federal government.

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Most companies are lobbying agencies and don’t even know they are. If your product or service has been impeded by a new government policy, you need to know how effective lobbying works. Find out what you can do to influence policy legally, ethically, and correctly in your favor and get back in business.

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Communicate to your federal customer

Create a clear and concise message and plan that engages your federal customer, so they’ll want to keep the conversation going.


You’ll also get access to a community of professionals with substantial experience in selling to the federal government.

When you invest in Capitol Currency, you’ll also have access to The Big Top Forum—a closed online platform of professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of selling to the federal government.                   

You can ask and answer questions about issues that impact the federal selling environment—without the confusion of entangled or conflicted messaging, advertising, or political ideology.

You’ll have the golden key to information that you might otherwise have to dig for.

What is your investment to get new federal business?
Less than the cost to attend one trade show.

Not sure if you can get the system to work for you? I’m here to answer your questions.

I know the system works because I use it with my advising and consulting clients, who’ve achieved billions of dollars in federal sales.

If you have questions, email me and I’ll answer them. You’ll have access to me by email for up to 60 days from the date of purchase.

You’ll recognize why my clients use words like trustworthy, credible, and experienced to describe me. I answer my emails from you.

Plus, you’ll benefit from resources and other experts in place to help you achieve the federal business you want.

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See how this small company changed federal policy to get back in business.

There is no other program out there for the unique problems you need solved.

This is not a contracting or proposal-writing tool. I explain how funding and policy fuel your ultimate contract.

Companies with specific process knowledge, relationships with executive and Congressional decision makers, and a consolidated understanding of the government process take more than half of the federal business.

Which means, you’re left to compete with thousands of other companies for the remaining federal opportunities if you don’t master this material.

Put an end to missing out
on bigger and better federal business.

All-Access Pass for Life
$3,500 per person

Are you meeting with your customer, but failing to influence them? Customer meetings end without resolution? Struggling to comply with the countless process requirements?

I guarantee you’re missing opportunities if you don’t know how to
engage in the federal process from beginning to end.
Discover how this company created an opportunity that opened a $100-million-dollar market.

If you master everything in this program, achieving federal outcomes becomes easier.

It’s time for your superior product to carry the day.

All-Access Pass for Life
$3,500 per person
8 Elements of Every Federal Sale Gene Moran Free Download

Selling to the
Federal Goverment
can take years.

This tool will simplify the entire sales process and accelerate your outcomes.