Are you a business leader toiling in federal sales with little return on your investment?

Do you fully understand the environment, the processes, and your customer?
Capitol Currency Book Cover by Gene Moran
Your quick start guide of the federal sales environment.
For a deeper understanding of the processes and solutions offered in this book,

You’re Doing All The Right Things But Your Federal Business Is A Series of Single Contract Awards (Or No Contracts At All)

You attend regular meetings with your federal customers that end without resolution, comply with the maze of process requirements, and you’re still losing out to your competitors.
Your knowledge gaps are putting your company in a costly position.

The Federal Sales Environment Is More Complex Than You Realize

Few companies aspiring to move from $5 million to $500 million in federal revenue know how to fully engage in the process from beginning to end. 80% of federal business opportunities are awarded to companies who have mastered the system. You can be part of that elite group.
Prepare To Participate and Succeed At The Highest Level Of The Game

This book is for you if you want to learn the processes to win more federal business and help the federal government solve its toughest challenges.

Through Gene Moran’s proven methods, you’ll learn how to master this material and accelerate your federal sales program.

High performance companies in U.S. government sales hire the system and process knowledge.

Capitol Currency Book Cover by Gene Moran
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Gene Moran: An Uncommon Force
Gene Moran is an uncommon force of support for companies with federal funding and policy needs. Gene’s background as an Independent Advisor, Corporate Lobbyist, Congressional Liaison and Navy Captain, afford him instant credibility and reflect his practical experience.

Gene speaks the language of the government customer, and government decision makers fluently because he has worked in the environment from multiple and relevant perspectives.

He synthesizes his deep and rich experiences to help clients achieve their goals in Washington, DC. Gene can tailor his expertise to unique client needs and make meaningful and tangible results become routine.

What Gene’s Clients Say About Working With Him

"Gene is trustworthy and delivers what he says he’ll deliver."
CEO, large manufacturing company
"Gene is credible and experienced in how Washington works. His methods help us succeed with our government customer."
President, small manufacturing company
"Working with Gene has opened my eyes to a world I don’t really understand."
President, large product and services company
"Gene is the real deal."
COO, small software company
This book and worksheets are accompanied by 50+ videos where Gene describes specifics of the myriad aspects required to succeed in the Washington DC environment.
One million businesses compete for federal funding every year

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  • A community of professionals with substantial experience in selling to the federal government.
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8 Must Know Elements of the Federal Sale

Engaging with the federal government is complex. With the right advice it doesn't have to be.