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Quick Hit – January 4, 2015

Are you aligned to the year’s opportunities? Did your anticipated FY15 funding survive the final Cromnibus maneuvering in December? What budget years fund your programs? Your plan with federal customers is really a multi-year plan.

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Quick Hit – December 5, 2014

Update on where we are today with defense bills: NDAA passed the House this week 300-119, authorizing $585B, split as roughly $521B for defense and $64B for Overseas Contingency Ops. The authorization bill is the result of a House/Senate conference and should pass the Senate easily as soon as

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Quick Hit – November 16, 2014

This Quick Hit is written while in LA having just attended the Reagan National Defense Forum at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA. In its second iteration the RNDF has become the largest national security conclave of its kind, attracting a stunning cross-section of marquee panelists including

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Quick Hit – October 17, 2014

CI previously reported that control of the Senate will substantially impact what’s possible during the upcoming Lame Duck session of Congress. Election results will not be fully known on election day. Several key races will require run-off and recount actions to determine the winner.

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