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Quick Hit – March 8, 2017

FY17 Spending Bill Movement The FY17 spending bill has been in limbo for months. Recall that the government is presently operating under a continuing resolution that funds the government at FY16 funding levels; the CR expires April 28th. Yesterday, the House Rules committee passed a rule allowing the

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Quick Hit – February 15, 2017

What a time we’re in! A complex budget process has now been made even more challenging with a White House and Congress fully engaged in national security issues of great significance. Despite the high-energy news headlines and the distractions of the day, there will be funding bills that

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Quick Hit – January 27, 2017

With all the discussion about the new administration’s policies, cabinet confirmations, filling senior executive positions throughout government, a Supreme Court nominee and following the Twitter sphere, where should one focus?  Bottom line: plan for a late, short and quick legislative cycle for FY18.  I’ve had the opportunity over

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Quick Hit – January 18, 2017

With the Presidential Inauguration just days away, Senate confirmation hearings have dominated Hill activity in preparation for the start of the new administration. Cabinet Hearings   The confirmation hearing for General James Mattis, up for Defense Secretary, was held last Thursday morning. His hearing went quite well. The

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Quick Hit – January 4, 2017

The 115th Congress was sworn in Monday and has wasted little time signaling a significant change is in the air as the Obama presidency draws to a close. President Obama visited the Hill today to urge Democrats against “Trumpcare.” Players and movements aplenty Paul Ryan was re-elected as

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