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Resolve To Do This One Thing In 2024

Resolve To Do This One Thing In 2024

As you read this, we’re in week three of the new year—the year is nearly six percent complete! It’s time for some predictions, and I encourage you to spend 15 minutes and see if you can develop some of your own. My Top Ten Predictions for 2024 1.

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Why You Should Think Like Taylor Swift

Why You Should Think Like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift challenges the status quo and continues to adapt and improve her product while continuously delighting her customers—some of the most loyal fans in music. Executives of a certain age might dismiss the entertainment superstar as an icon seen only in their children’s eyes. To dismiss Swift’s

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GM Spread the Good Cheer

Spread the Good Cheer

Embracing a Positive Perspective Jimmy Buffett coined the term “See the good side.” He proved masterful at not becoming embroiled in political turmoil, and the perspective he gained through his years on earth was revealed in a gentle public persona. To be sure, he did overcome occasional legal

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GM Seasonal Renewal—Ignite a New Spark

Seasonal Renewal—Ignite a New Spark

It’s a season of renewal and reflection. I’d like to share my best wishes to you and your families for a wonderful forthcoming holiday season, whatever your inclinations to celebrate. My gift in this newsletter is to spur some self-reflection in order to ignite your spark of renewal.

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GM Starbucks and Live Connections

Starbucks and Live Connections

Real People in the Wild Some software developers use the phrase “in the wild” to describe when a digital capability is released to the public. Evolution of the Drive-Up Concept Have you noticed at your local Starbucks that live people are the least valued customers in the store?

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Meet the ringmasters

The Difficult Conversations

Not every issue is highly charged and political. During my recent session of Meet the Ringmasters, an invitation-only gathering of defense executives in San Diego, CA, I facilitated a discussion about the impact of front-page news on our respective businesses. I observed a certain level of discomfort among

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