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7 stages of garnering support graphic with capitol building.

7 Stages of Garnering Support

Have you thought about the steps that must unfold on the path to garnering support for your federal government sale? I have identified seven; they are simple, yet essential. Think of the stairsteps in the graphic below. Stage 1 – At the beginning, there may or may not

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Image of imperfect information button.

The Curse of Imperfect Information

Leaders are expected to interpret their environments and make decisions with imperfect information. Some leaders are quite good at it, while others continue to wait for an additional insight that might get them closer to a mythically higher confidence. As an exercise to stretch your thinking, I ask

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Businessman entering revolving door.

The Revolving Door

If you don’t know me well, you may not want to read further. I break from my down-the-middle moderation and defend a concept while notably not defending the individual. Recently, the Washington Post wrote a less-than-flattering assessment of the post-military career of (primarily) General Stanley McChrystal, USA, that

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Chalk illustration of person climbing up steps towards lightbulb, illustrating concept of feel and idea.

Did You Feel That?

Did you feel that? We often don’t notice a change that unfolds right under our feet. Aging is a more extreme example. We notice the aging process in people when we look at photos from months or years past or when we see an acquaintance after months or

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Capitol building and blue sky with lobby text

Three Ways to Lobby

How do you lobby correctly and in an orchestrated manner? Would it surprise you if I told you that the top 5 defense companies by revenue score one-third of all defense acquisition dollars? What if I told you half of all defense acquisition dollars goes to just 40

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Service image

The Concept of Service

Service has been on my mind lately; I think in part because I recognize how many different ways we can observe service in our lives. We tend to notice poor service quickly, and we tend to appreciate good service, although we don’t always acknowledge it at the moment.

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