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Are You in Autopilot? The Balance between Speed and Strategy

Some Things Can’t be Rushed I often see companies attempting to move too quickly through the federal acquisition process, believing their own “special” relationship or unique understanding of the situation makes them different. My business thrives because I know how to help companies see pathways that generate quicker

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Men Learn Slowly, and with Hindsight

I recently watched the livestream performance of “I Feel the Need,” a one-woman show performed by former Navy Lieutenant Commander and aviation pioneer Loree Draude. The show describes Loree’s learning and professional transformation that takes place during carrier flight training and two deployments. I said pioneer, yet the

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Will These Ten Predictions Come True?

I haven’t done predictions in a while, and I’ve had a few on my mind lately. Here we go: What are your predictions? You don’t have to be right all the time when predicting. But can you make a case for your positions? Do you think about the

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You Need a Way to Quickly Assess the Health of the Sales Opportunity

8 Must-Know Elements of the Federal Sale will help you avoid missing your federal sales opportunity.


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8 Elements of Every Federal Sale Gene Moran Free Download

8 Must Know Elements of the Federal Sale

Engaging with the federal government is complex. With the right advice it doesn't have to be.