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The Next Great Generation

Greatest is relative and suggests no further improvement is possible. I recently spoke to our next great generation with a hat-tip to Tom Brokaw’s moniker of what was indeed a Great Generation. I was invited to address students in the Masters of Applied American Politics and Policy (MAAPP)

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It’s Warm and Dry Under the Umbrella

We’ve been enduring the seeming torture of watching Congress negotiate outcomes on some difficult issues. While the negotiations were ongoing, and “frameworks” were redefined within the course of an afternoon, spending decisions affecting trillions of dollars in future outlays were changed on the fulcrum of two determined centrists.

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Does Party Matter in Federal Sales?

Does party matter in federal sales? Yes, but only in the macro sense. If you are a company with annual federal revenues below $1 billion, the party in power makes no difference. At least it shouldn’t, and I’ll explain why. There is always opportunity with federal customers. The

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Five Suggestions for Panelists and Public Speakers

Here are five suggestions for panelists and public speakers. Thanks to the pandemic, we have endured too much time without live trade show events. Many industries have persevered with virtual or hybrid events, and we see an increasing number of live events. The desire to rekindle professional relationships

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A Bill Is a Bill, or Is It?

A bill is a bill, or is it? It’s the time of year when various pieces of federal legislation reach their culminating point and either pass or fail. In 2014, Roy Meyers wrote of the various ways in which the budget process regularly implodes, highlighting: “triggers, commissions, cliffs,

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Are You a Special Interest?

Are you a special interest? It turns out you are…so go ahead and act like one. Read a bit further to learn how. You have likely heard of the Federalist Papers…at least you skimmed through the Cliff’s Notes when you were in school. Just a quick refresher that

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