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GM No I Don’t Want Any Salad

Stop Burying The Lead

No, I Don’t Want Any Salad… And Neither Do Your People My Bottom, Line Up Front (BLUF) – speak more clearly, not more. Your words are not as well understood as you think because you use too many. A word salad is a colloquialism for many words, most

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GM How Integrated is Your Operation

How Integrated is Your Operation?

From Military Integration to Digital Transformation In the 1950s, the military used the term integrated when referring to its efforts to bring the races together within each of the services. The results were both groundbreaking and slow to yield changes in behaviors. In the 1980s, the military used

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Word Gets Around Make It Count

Word Gets Around, Make It Count

Don’t Be a Drowned-Out Shout I’ll admit, this is the definition of a “First World problem.” At one point, I was searching for a towing pad eye to tow one boat with another, both safely and over long distances.  However, we are in the First World, and we

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Unpacking Your Poll Responses

Unpacking Your Poll Responses

What Do They Mean for Your Company? It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed what the polls say. Not the election polls—I’m not sure of their value. I’m talking about my highly scientific LinkedIn polls. Over the past month, a few questions to the aerospace and defense community

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GM Develop Your Business Weather Eye

Develop Your Business Weather Eye

Is your small business sailing smoothly, or are you about to get caught in a sudden squall?  Like unpredictable weather, industry trends and threats can shift quickly, leaving unprepared businesses floundering. You can develop a keen “weather eye” for your business environment to anticipate and navigate even the

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Global Education Perspectives from 100+ Countries

Global Education and Political Realities

Shaping Minds, Bridging Cultures As of this writing, there are 195 countries in the world. I’ve been fortunate to visit over 60 of them, yet there are entire continents I have not yet visited. Africa, Asia, and Europe have high concentrations of independent countries. Americans often think of

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