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Professional Growth How Has Yours Evolved blog, Gene Moran, and lobster.

Professional Growth: How Has Yours Evolved?

How has your professional growth evolved? I recently completed a short family trip to the Florida Keys for Florida’s lobster mini-season. It’s a 2-day period before the lobster fishery is opened to commercial fishermen. With specific limits in place for daily catch per person, the Florida lobster population

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Evaluating Your Military Customer Experience blog, Gene Moran logo, and airplane.

Evaluating Your Military Customer Experience

Have you recently evaluated your military customer experience? Summer air travel, whether for business or pleasure, has proven challenging this year. The air travel system that was maxed out pre-COVID seems to be failing around the margins under stress. Delays, lost baggage, and workforce issues are happening with

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How Good Are You at Professional Networking?

Professional Networking events advertised as such are a waste of your time. Most people fail to appreciate the high value time has in your life. Sure, the online search for the lowest price of something can be rewarding, but the savings are rarely worth the time spent in

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Small Business in the Defense Industry, Gene Moran logo, and business people.

Small Business in the Defense Industry

Do you have a small business in the defense industry? As you read this, Congress is evaluating FY23 defense bills and grappling with a decision to extend the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program; specifically, the portion of the program that focuses on Phase I—the most nascent of

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The Impact of Travel on Your Business and Perspective blog, passports, plane, and Gene Moran logo.

The Impact of Travel on Your Business and Perspective

Discover the profound impact of travel on your business and perspective. I recently read NIKE founder Phil Knight’s autobiography, Shoe Dog. A “shoe dog” is explained in the book as somebody who knows all about the shoe industry, and was a term of affection for people who were

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Why I Developed Capitol Currency℠ blog, Gene Moran logo, and capitol building.

Why I Developed Capitol Currency℠

Introducing Capitol Currency℠! On June 29th, I released a new program specifically designed for companies that have limited exposure to Washington, DC, or who recognize they need to get more sophisticated in their approach to the federal customer. The program is called Capitol Currency℠. It is the only

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