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When Was The Last Time You Were Interviewed blog graphic

When Was The Last Time You Were Interviewed?

Think back, when was the last time you were interviewed? The book, What Color is Your Parachute? has been a best-seller for decades. It focuses on preparing people for a career change and the dreaded job interview. The book is indispensable for working on the nuts-and-bolts of professional connections and

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Planning Your 2023 Event Schedule blog graphic

Planning Your 2023 Event Schedule

Did you attend any in-person events in 2022? Are you planning on attending more live events in 2023? While ZOOM sessions are great for connecting people, you can’t discount the value of live interactions with fellow colleagues at industry events. The power of networking – Live venues are

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My Take on The Elections Impact on Defense Companies blog graphic

My Take on The Elections’ Impact on Defense Companies

What’s my take on the elections’ impact on defense companies? Several key elections were decided by narrow margins that fell within the margins of error of pre-election polling. Polling techniques have not yet caught up to the rapid and continuous flow of information, and several races did not

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The Development Of A Vision Statement BLOG GRAPHIC

The Development Of A Vision Statement

Some companies will devote a portion of an executive off-site to alignment with a corporate vision. I recall attending a leadership retreat during my corporate days where over 100 of the company’s top executives were divided into groups of eight or ten to try and restate the company

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Understanding Your Vote Blog Graphic

Understanding Your Vote

Do you understand your vote? We’re one week away from the mid-term elections. I appreciate you’ve been bombarded with ads for months, and the frequency and fervor have only heightened in these closing weeks. If you live in a state with a pivotal Senate race, such as Ohio

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What is Your State of Preparedness in Your Business blog graphic

What is Your State of Preparedness in Your Business?

Let’s talk about the state of preparedness in your business and review a few known unknowns of the past 20 years or so. Hurricane Ian wreaked destruction across Florida in September 2022, after first delivering a historic storm surge that wiped out the southwest Florida barrier islands of

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