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GM Yellow Cabs and Psychedelics (1)

Yellow Cabs and Psychedelics

Expand Your Mindset To Shift Strategies Executives often face the challenge of maintaining an open mind when considering options. They often rely on familiar strategies and solutions. Left unchecked, cognitive biases cloud their judgment and limit creative thinking. Ironically, ambiguous situations demand that we explore new perspectives if

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GM LinkedIn Polling Results

LinkedIn Polling Results

Polling on LinkedIn is far from scientific and draws from a small subset of a community, but I like that polls can be used as tools to stimulate conversation among colleagues and employees. It’s been a bit since I reviewed recent polling here. The polls below were conducted

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GM Passage Key to Finding Your Work Flow

Passage Key to Finding Your Work Flow

Bathing Suits Not Required; However… It turns out there really is a clothing-optional beach in south Tampa Bay. Passage Key rises and falls with the tide. A narrow sliver of sand a few hundred yards long at high tide and a much larger boat-friendly wading area is exposed

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GM The Rise of Work Share Spaces and the Evolving Workplace

The Rise of Work-Share Spaces and the Evolving Workplace

Have You Seen the Empty Buildings? Go to any major city, and entire floors of office buildings are empty. In some cases, it’s nearly the entire building. This is no longer a pandemic by-product. I’ve observed the phenomenon in multiple cities in recent months: San Diego, New York City, Miami,

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The 8 Minute Rule Of Messaging


Your best-told story in the right way, at the right time, to the right audience, with a compelling connection to the urgency of the need. Many people make big mistakes in their federal meetings simply by failing to manage the clock.  They go into the meeting without a

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