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Your Business Checklist for Success

Have you revisited your business checklist for success? Although we are still experiencing challenges in our business, economy, and general way of life, it’s indeed crucial to review your business checklist and ask yourself these important questions.

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Mastering the Trapeze Act of Timing in Federal Sales

Compared to many other kinds of sales, landing federal sales contracts is a complex process. Rather than selling just one thing to someone, you have to sell your service or product as well as influence and advantage many different people and organizations across many different domains. An intelligent

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Have You Been to Muscle Beach Lately?

Have you been to muscle beach lately? During my recent trip to LA, I stayed at a hotel in Santa Monica and took a walk along the Ocean Front Walk on Venice Beach. The spot is the origin of the bodybuilding and fitness boom in the United States.

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What Are You Farming?

Don’t miss my special invitation at the bottom of this blog post. The federal sales process is anything but quick. Those who have been around it for a while accept it and try to figure out how to work within it. As I’ve discussed in my book, Pitching

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The Problem with People

Why do companies have Human Resources departments? The answer(s) largely depends on where one sits. The C-suite response will be different from the line; of that, we can be sure. A substantial portion of my advisory work involves confidential counsel and feedback to company presidents and boards of

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