In person event, signalling back to normal.

Are You Returning to Normal?

What Does the “New Normal” Look Like in Your Company?

Our calendars are beginning to repopulate with the return of live events. Although the ongoing spread of a COVID variant may further shift dates to the right, the pent-up demand to get back out there is real and people are making plans and traveling. I recently attended the Navy League’s Sea Air Space 2021 Exposition at National Harbor, Maryland. Traditionally held in the Spring, this show was moved to August this year due to the pandemic. The Air Force and Army equivalents are on the calendar for September and October, respectfully.

These are big shows for which companies pay significant sums to occupy show space on the floor, display their offerings, speak during panels, and potentially interact with industry and government customers. The associations that run the shows NEED the shows for their financial stability. Their models demand that the programming of trade shows produce revenues to sustain the associations.

The attendance at Sea Air Space was lower than typical but robust. Observing the renewal of relationships and personal connections was refreshing. People were clearly happy to reengage. Normalcy and stability can be reassuring. Unfortunately, this show could have been transplanted nearly wholesale with one conducted five years ago. Keynote speakers, floor space allocations, and distorted media headlines reporting the events looked and felt like any prior show.

Much has changed in the past two years: A new administration, multiple incarnations of long-range strategic documents, ending of two wars, Congressional leadership of key committees, and the downward tip of defense budgets, to name just a few.

Are we missing an opportunity to make other changes? I believe many are.

What does the “new normal” look like in your company? Share on X

Does your playbook reflect the environment of today? More importantly, the environment of tomorrow?

Name three things in your company that you know with certainty will look different in one year because of change(s) you have made during the unexpected opportunity the pandemic presented.

If you can’t name three, or even one, you might be stuck. I can help you get un-stuck.

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