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An Important Business Question

Are you asking yourself this simple, albeit important business question?

I write elsewhere of strategy best associating with the interrogative “why?” When you can answer “why” questions about your business, you can always have better confidence in the more tactical level “how” of your plans. The ability to move from the strategic why to the tactical how takes both thoughtfulness and effort. It’s pretty common for leadership teams to spend far too much time on how and not enough time on why. But let’s discuss “who?”

When you are free to focus on what you are really good at, it’s amazing how much better you become at it. Click To Tweet

I recently participated in another elite consulting training event where I immersed in professional growth alongside other world-class experts. Attendees each specialize in very different areas of consulting, and hale from all parts of the world. We participate at the invitation of Alan Weiss, “the Million Dollar Consultant,” who has both consulted and taught consultants at the highest levels for over three decades. No one is more widely known or respected in the consulting arena than Alan.

In the presence of other experts, we explore topical issues, emerging trends, and dissect our own business strategies. Together, we attempt to identify the next big things in our own businesses against the backdrop of the markets our clients work in. Our success is often a catalyst for the clients’ success. Responding to challenges and encouragement from the best of our class, each consultant comes away having improved their game and even more motivated to help clients do big things.

Important Business Question: Consider the “Who”

While in New York City for this training, my wife and I were able to attend a couple of Broadway shows. Theater is back and, while we were in the city, Broadway was reaching 90-plus percent capacity. The shows are spectacular and consistently move audiences to heightened emotions. You might wonder “how” they do it? Of course, years of preparation and endless rehearsal confirm every move and note will be met.

But the real secret is the “who.” Unlike “why” and “how” above, the interrogative “who” is answered with a person. I like to refer people to Dan Sullivan’s book, Who Not How, that is fundamentally about getting help from others for anything about which you are not an expert. When you are free to focus on what you are really good at, it’s amazing how much better you become at it.

Patty LuPone has seven Tony nominations and has won the award twice. Her work is further recognized with the Olivier award and two Grammy awards. When her longtime mentor, brilliant musician, and lyricist, Stephen Sondheim, died in 2021, she was in shock. In an interview, LuPone shared her thoughts on his passing, “Who will make me better?” LuPone was 71 years old when she uttered those words.

Who will make you better?

The Make Your Move podcast is a multi-season series devoted to the lessons learned of military members in their post-active duty lives. I hope you enjoy the stories of the men and women brave enough to share their transition stories so publicly. Listen to the latest episode here.

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