Results that Defense and Security Clients Achieve

Most companies that sell to the U.S. Federal Government approach the sale like they would any other business…but their efforts do not produce the results they want.

They lack the process knowledge, time, relationships, and understanding of the intricacies in selling to the Federal Government.

A business-to-business sales strategy does not work if you want policies or funding in
your favor.

Gene Moran of Capitol Integration helps clients achieve billions of dollars in upside Federal Sales.

Below are anecdotes reflective of the type and breadth of support Gene provides his clients. Company identities are purposely vague out of respect for each client.

These Clients Are Now On the Federal Budget

Small Startup

This new company required assistance pursuing a waiver that would allow the commercial sale of a proprietary technology initially developed via a SBIR contract for use by U.S. Special Forces. Gene guided the company’s leadership team through an, at times, tedious and bureaucratic process, incorporating Congressional support at key moments, which ultimately resulted in a successful outcome. The financial impact to this start-up resulted in additional commercial sales exceeding $100 million dollars.

Small Commercial Company

A company with no federal sales wanted to penetrate the U.S. federal market. Gene helped identify opportunities and contracting vehicles available to help speed the company’s introduction to the federal customer. Complementing the sales effort with introductions to potential industry partners and associations of interest, the company is now better positioned to more credibly present itself within the federal marketplace.

Small Company

A small technology innovator developed a revolutionary way to support special forces and the U.S. Marine Corps in the most dynamic and stealth environments. The company was having trouble getting noticed. Gene introduced a variety of methods to raise the profile of the company and its unique capabilities, resulting in funding to transition to program of record.


Large Corporation

This business, with a very mature program of record, required help “defending” its 200+ million-dollar budget line during the often volatile defense authorization and appropriations process. Gene continues to defend the interests of this company and the U.S. Navy’s stated requirement thereby assuring predictable sales cycles.

Shipbuilding Company

This large company was facing early termination of a major program of record as Congress and the U.S. Navy threatened to proceed with courses of action based on incorrect or incomplete information. Gene helped integrate the coordination of correct and timely messaging with Industry, the U.S. Navy and Congress. Today the program of record continues to thrive supporting vital U.S. Navy ship requirements.

Large Multi-National Company

A large company selling myriad electronics products throughout the U.S. federal government was incorrectly identified by DoD to be using prohibited components. As a result, federal sales dropped off dramatically. Gene coordinated a communications strategy with appropriate executive branch, legislative branch and industry contacts. With a more complete understanding of the company’s supply chain, U.S. federal sales were then able to resume.


Small Military Tech Company

This company, with multiple existing U.S. Navy customers, needed assistance expanding its business case and identifying new funding opportunities. Gene helped the company revamp its strategic approach to the U.S. Navy customer, assisted with broadening connections to senior U.S. Navy leaders, and identified a funding strategy that integrated Congressional support with the federal budget process.


Domestic & International Company

A large company with U.S. and international interests needed help with a policy decision that had an unintended side-effect of hampering competition and threatening a U.S. industrial base capability. Gene identified an approach strategy with the White House and Department of Defense that caused the policy to be reviewed and interpreted more favorably for U.S. government and industrial base interests.

Multibillion-Dollar International Firm

The company wanted to expand its reach from commercial into federal sales, specifically to shape agency policy and market their proprietary security capabilities to the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Health and Human Services. Gene orchestrated a strategy and senior-level agency and Congressional meetings that satisfied all objectives.

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