Navigating Leadership and Business with Tameka Rushing

84: Navigating Leadership and Business with Tameka Rushing

From Military Service to Entrepreneurship

“I’ve experienced all types of leaders. Good, bad, in between. I’ve seen how bad leadership affects people and their health. What it can do to the body through stress.” -Tameka Rushing

In this episode of Make Your Move, I’m chatting with Tameka Rushing, a 21-year Air Force veteran and CEO of Glass Half Full Solutions. You can find her section in The Military Effect by Scott Manthorne in chapter 43, on page 139.

The discussion revolved around her journey from military service to entrepreneurship and the importance of networking in finding success. Tameka shed light on the challenges and opportunities that come with transitioning from the military into the civilian business world and the critical role of passion and networking in this process.

Listen to the full episode to hear Tameka’s inspiring story, filled with practical guidance for those navigating this phase of their lives.

Visit, read Scott’s book, and listen to each weekly episode of Make Your Move to learn more. By challenging your assumptions and understanding the incredible impact veterans have and continue to have, we can create a better future for all of us.


  • Military Network and Transitioning
  • The Evolution of Tameka’s Business
  • Mentorship and the Impact of Leadership
  • Tameka’s Engagement with the Local Chamber of Commerce


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