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75: Creating a Culture of Feedback and Continuous Improvement – with Matt Zimmermann, CEO of Beast Code

On this episode of Make Your Move, host Gene Moran sits down with Matt Zimmermann, CEO of Beast Code, an expert in digital transformation and software engineering focused on helping the warfighter.


Matt shares his experience working with the Navy’s DDG 1000 Zumwalt class destroyer for live fire test and evaluation. He explains how his team used simulations to evaluate threats and created an interactive representation of the destroyer using CAD models. With over 1.2 million components in the 3D model, they were able to apply various threats and identify specific damages.

Matt also discusses his experience navigating strategic initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic and the ‘great resignation’. With a turnover rate of 33%, he recognized the need to focus on the workforce. By collecting data and making necessary changes to benefits and professional development opportunities, they were able to decrease the turnover rate to 19% and improve employee investment. As an expert in creating interactive digital twins, Matt emphasizes the importance of on-the-job training and continuous learning in understanding and integrating various types of data from organizations. He shares his success in dealing with congressional matters and navigating the challenges of running a business without formal education in business or politics. Matt and his team are focused on improving the company’s culture and workforce. They have implemented a feedback cycle and created skill matrices to identify necessary technologies and skills. Professional development funds and time off have been introduced to support employees’ skill improvement. Additionally, Beast Code has created the Beast Code Academy and sends their workforce to ships for firsthand experience.

Throughout the episode, Matt emphasizes the importance of staying calm and composed in the face of challenges and not getting overly excited during successes. He emphasizes the need for patience and perseverance in building a successful company and highlights the shift in perception towards using the cloud as a necessary capability.

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 01:10 – 10:33 Helping the warfighter make decisions.

10:34 – 17:10 People, product and profit.

17:11 – 21:40 The great resignation, COVID and Beast Code.

21:41 – 25:55 I’m going to put this ship on the cloud.

25:56 – 28:52 Beast Code Academy.

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