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67: It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Your Passions, with Loree Draude

Returning for a second episode, Loree Draude, a former Lieutenant Commander of the U.S. Navy and Naval Aviator, opens up about the joys and challenges of pursuing creative outlets.


Loree, a former naval aviator, made a captivating appearance on episode 8 of the Make Your Move podcast. She not only shared her remarkable military experiences but also discussed her achievements in life after the military. In her return to the show, Loree offers valuable insights into the importance of pursuing one’s passions, emphasizing that age or personal circumstances should never hinder the pursuit of one’s dreams.

Loree’s relentless pursuit of her passion led her to create a captivating one-person show called “I Feel the Need,” inspired by the experiences of women naval aviators in the 90s. With remarkable dedication, she has showcased her show at various prestigious venues, including the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Now, she is eagerly preparing for her upcoming performance at the esteemed Hollywood Fringe Festival in mid-June. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Loree’s incredible talent on stage! The festival describes the show as: “Former U.S. naval aviator, Loree “Rowdy” Draude, was one of the first women to fly combat jets in the military. An accidental aviation pioneer, she served for ten years, during which she deployed twice to the Persian Gulf and was selected to be an instructor pilot and a landing signal officer. In her award-winning one-woman show, I Feel the Need, she takes to the cockpit again and brings the audience along on a G-force trip as she lands on an aircraft carrier and recounts the adventure, humor and tragedy she experienced during her historic deployment on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln.”

Loree draws insightful parallels between the challenges she encountered during her service and the obstacles that individuals may encounter in the business world. She delves into these similarities, offering valuable perspectives for listeners. Furthermore, this inspiring episode also features Loree’s thoughts on the new Top Gun Maverick movie. Tune in to discover more!

Gene’s business tip: Are you challenging your thinking and asking “why” more often?

Episode Highlights

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       01:10 – 06:55 Loree describes her creative outlet.

           08:05 – 16:21 Challenges of being deployed on an aircraft carrier.

          16:22 – 29:29 Loree’s live show and challenges – “I Feel the Need.”

           29:30 – 34:09 What Loree thinks of the new Top Gun Maverick movie.

34:10 – 40:56 Follow your passion

40: 57 – 42:38 Gene’s Biz Tip

Your Move

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  • Learn more about Loree’s Hollywood Fringe Festival June 2023 performance here.

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