MYM Episode 54 with T.Shane Johnson copy

54: Victim or Victor with T. Shane Johnson

T. Shane Johnson, USMC (Ret.) shares the ultimate story in perseverance. He was left for dead following a terrible accident but fought back on a long road to recovery and now owns and operates several successful businesses. 


When Shane “T.Shane” Johnson was hit by a car of gang members and left for dead on the side of the highway, he knew there were only two options: he could be a victim or a victor. An active Marine, he chose the latter. Despite life-threatening injuries and unimaginable pain, T.Shane dragged himself to a fire station for help, flatlining three times before starting a long and painful road to recovery. 

Once healed, Johnson retired from active service and became the founder and CEO of a successful mortgage business. In 2008, tragedy struck again when the market crashed. He lost everything and experienced homelessness for over two years. Drawing from the same determination that helped him overcome his near-fatal injuries, T.Shane worked his way back yet again. 

Today, he is an entrepreneur and CEO of several successful businesses. Always looking for a way to pay it forward, T. Shane has dedicated himself to raising money for homeless veterans and shining a light on the devastating rate of veteran suicides. To date, he’s raised hundreds of thousands hiking across the country multiple times and set a world record for pushups and the fast one-mile run carrying a 100lbs Pack. 

An acclaimed author and speaker, T.Shane’s story has been featured on Men’s Health, Fox and Friends, Forbes, USA Today, and more.

Episode Highlights

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01:22 – 08:11 Summary of T. Shane’s 4-year USMC career and the horrific accident that had him flatline three times and ultimately led to his transition out of the military following a long 8 months of rehabilitation.

08:12 – 14:53 Opportunities in the banking and finance sector led T. Shane into a successful mortgage career before the market collapsed in 2008. He lost everything but never gave up.  He bounced back and created successful businesses which he continues to operate today.

14:54 – 17:21 T. Shane shares his success and lessons in perseverance through his executive coaching, bestselling books and is currently building Big Guns Coffee with his daughter.

17:22 – 21:16 The upside for T. Shane is being a father and focusing on his mental and physical health. Balance is found within his family.

Your Move

Transitioning from a military career to a civilian career can be a challenging process. The Make Your Move podcast and book shares real-life stories of post-military career paths and the lessons learned along the way. The information shared in throughout these two resources can make a challenging process easier to navigate. Please share this podcast in your social media feeds and help veterans transitioning out of military service find new rewarding career or business paths.

  • Order your copy of Make Your Move – Charting Your Post-Military Career here
  • Learn more about T.Shane’s books and incredible story here
  • Learn all about Big Guns Coffee here
  • Connect with T.Shane Johnson here

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