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#53: Purpose and the Why with Zachary Green

Zachary Green, United States Marine Corp. (Ret.) took his warrior spirit to corporate America after his active duty and reserve service and later founded his own multi-million-dollar company.


Zachary Green joined the USMC in 1991 and was assigned to a cold weather infantry unit.  His goal was to serve in a combat role but as the years went by it appeared time was going to be spent in garrison and not fighting.  Changes came and went and after 7 years of service, Zachary decided to transition out. 

Without any career transition support from the Military, Zachary took his grit, perseverance, integrity, and courage and paved his own path.  A 10-year career in leadership and development at Eli Lilly and serving his community as a volunteer firefighter led to the founding of his company, MN8 LumAware/Firefox.  His entrepreneurial spirit had him leave his career at Eli Lilly and start his company from the trunk of his car which he later grew to over $30 million in sales.

He credits military service for giving him the warrior spirit and writes about his experience and how veterans can pursue entrepreneurship after leaving the service in his book – Warrior Entrepreneur.  The is another resource, “where warriors regroup to learn the tactics of gaining superiority in both business and life.”

Zachary is passionate about helping veterans pursue the American dream after military service and believes anyone with warrior traits should be given a chance to demonstrate that they have what it takes to succeed in the corporate space.

He chooses not to slow down in life and business and gives back by lecturing graduating Marines about honor and commitment at Parris Island, SC.

Episode Highlights

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01:06 – 04:50 Summary of Zachary’s 7-year USMC career.

04:51 – 08:34 The decision to transition to civilian life.

08:35 – 13:00 A 10-year career at Eli Lilly and a volunteer firefighter position leads to the founding of Zachary’s business.

13:01 – 17:24 Unexpected upsides and finding work/life balance – Warrior Entrepreneur.

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  • Order your copy of Million Dollar Influence- How to Drive Powerful Decisions Through Language, Leverage, and Leadership here
  • Learn more about Zachary’s book- Warrior Entrepreneur here
  • Learn all about the Warrior Academe here
  • Connect with Zachary Green here

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