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#45: Three Essential Elements of Balance with Darin Bibeau

US Coast Guard Veteran, Darin Bibeau, shares his eight-year active-duty career assignments and lessons learned. Darin served on a Coast Guard cutter and spent the last years of his career as a Deployable Specialized Forces team member, boarding ships and participating in drug seizures.

His transition to civilian life led him to Southeastern Asia as a special operator working for a contracting company. He later returned to Vermont where he purchased a home and became a partner in a company that manufactures venting industry parts. He now leads several hundred people and gives back through volunteering and public speaking.


Darin Bibeau joined the US Coast Guard in 1994 and served on a 270-foot cutter before joining a small boat station to operate rigid hull boats and carry out search and rescue operations. He was then selected to attend the Deployable Specialized Forces selection course in Miami and upon successful completion, served in Miami carrying out ship boarding and drug seizure operations. He credits the Coast Guard for giving him the opportunity to serve under great mentors and for allowing him to lead small teams of his own. 

After eight years of service, Darin transitioned out of military service and became a special operator for a contracting company in Southeastern Asia. Darin returned to the US, settled in Vermont, and became a partner in a business that manufactures stainless steel parts for the venting industry. He credits his operational and leadership experience gained from his time in service for the success he enjoys as CEO and owner of National Chimney. Darin is passionate about helping veterans articulate their ability to lead when entering the corporate world. So much so that he wrote a book called Back to Bullet Proof: A Warriors Tactical Guide to Success.

Episode Highlights

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00:00:52– 00:7:57: US Coast Guard veteran Darin Bibeau shares his eight-year military career, including his time as a Deployable Specialized Forces member.

00:07:58 – 00:19:06 Darin shares his decision to transition out of military service and work as a special operator in Southeast Asia before returning to Vermont to become a partner in his current business, leading a few hundred team members.  He credits his military experience and having core values for his success in business and in life.

00:19:07 – 00:22:22 Darin and Gene discuss the three essential elements of balance and giving back to the community.

Your Move

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Freedom Fighter Outdoors started as an awareness of the physical, mental, and emotional suffering of the men and women who served our country in the military.

Connect with Darin Bibeau here.

 You can learn about Darin’s book here and about his company – National Chimney here.

Order your copy of Million Dollar Influence: How to Drive Powerful Decisions through Language, Leverage, and Leadership at

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