Make Your Move Moriah Thomas

#27: Facing Mental Pitfalls in a Post-Military Life with Dr. Moriah Thomas

Having served 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, including two combat tours, Dr. Moriah Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Coaching and Consulting LLC. This organization assists veterans in avoiding psychological downfalls while transitioning into civilian life. Dr. Thomas also specializes in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Both her work and military years have been described by others as beaming with authenticity, courage, and passion.


Dr. Moriah Thomas is a charismatic leader and Mental Health counselor with 8 years of combat experience in the Marine Corps. Specifically, Dr. Thomas served in 2 combat tours and has received praise for her leadership, professionalism, and dedication during her time in the Marine Corps. She has a background in EMDR therapy and charity work, as well as a Master’s, a B.S., and a PhD. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Moreover, she is certified in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. To become a board-certified coach, she is currently pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching.

In the last 6 months, Dr. Thomas has served as the Founder and CEO of Alpha Coaching and Consulting LLC. This is an organization dedicated to resolving the various problems with the current military-to-civilian transition system. Unlike other existing groups, this one-of-a-kind transition program assists military veterans who want to remain successful after making the transition to civilian life. Specifically, Alpha Coaching and Consulting helps them avoid the psychological pitfalls of our current system and adapt to their next stage of life. It accomplishes this by fusing the best tactics, theories, ideologies, and research out there.

Episode Highlights

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0:28 – 11:36: Dr. Thomas discusses her combat experience in the U.S. Marine Corps after finishing 4 years of Junior ROTC in high school. She talks about becoming more involved in her academics and mental health counseling while on duty. Dr. Thomas also touches upon her marriage and journey to receiving her bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree, and PhD.

11:42 – 14:36: Dr. Thomas discusses the various jobs she has undertaken while pursuing her more advanced goals and degrees. She uses this to talk about finding balance and overcoming psychological pitfalls in her post-military life. Moreover, she touches upon the importance of recognizing and cherishing blessings in one’s life.

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Show Resources: Don’t wait for balance to occur – be a warrior and make it happen! Get the armor and support you need for your fulfilment here.

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