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#24: Forming Contracts and Changing Lives with Christoph Mlinarchik, JD

A former civilian employee of the US Air Force and the author of The Government Contracts in Plain English Series, Christoph Mlinarchik is a legal attorney who has negotiated, reviewed, or handled government contracts worth billions of dollars. He is also an avid supporter of non-profit organizations and charities, being an associate of the Christian Appalachian Project.


A former federal contracting officer and civilian employee of the US Air Force, Christoph Mlinarchik has negotiated, reviewed, or handled government contracts worth billions of dollars. He has instructed more than a thousand students and professionals around the United States, consistently receiving excellent feedback for both his legal work and his published works. Both private-sector and public-sector workers have readily benefited from Christoph’s excellent knowledge and engaging style, from beginners and journeymen all the way up to C-level executives of significant corporations.

Additionally, Christoph has received recognition from the National Contract Management Association’s “Top Professional Under 40” and “Best Article” awards (NCMA). Today, Christoph practices law as a qualified expert witness in government contracting and subcontracting in state and federal courts. He has worked in a variety of positions over the years, including DoD contracting officer, JAG acquisitions attorney, director of policy & acquisitions (GovCon) for a defense contractor, senior policy advisor (GovCon SME) for the government, professional instructor, and consultant and strategic advisor to numerous federal contractors, subcontractors, and other small businesses.

He has also worked as a Memorial Gift-Giver with the Christian Appalachian Project, a non-profit organization whose mission is “building hope, transforming lives, and sharing Christ’s love through service in Appalachia”.

Episode Highlights

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0:00 – 08:29: Christoph begins by discussing his time in the U.S. Air Force and his work as a contracting officer with various Defense agencies. He also emphasizes his career ties to the Department of Defense. From here, he begins to discuss his interests and eventual journey from federal jobs to the private and commercial sectors.

08:29 – 20:25: Christoph discusses being recruited to be the Director of Government Contracts for a Defense contractor whilst also writing articles on the side about contracting and defense law. He also discusses his official transition from federal employee to entrepreneur (and eventual owner of Christoph LLC, a federal, witness, and contractual consultation business). Moreover, he discusses the personal and professional sacrifices he had to make and how being flexible served him well in the long run. He uses his personal experience as an extension of general advice one could give to any aspiring business owner or contractor.

21:18 – 23:39: Christoph finishes the interview by discussing some of his personal hobbies, connections, and some of the works he’s written and published via Amazon. He also voices his support for charity work, specifically naming the Christian Appalachian Project as a great organization for helping the “backyard” of America.

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