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#19: Post Military Self-Care and Growth with Dr. Natacha Delince, DBA

A U.S. Army Veteran who served in Iraq, Dr. Natacha Delince is currently the Founder and CEO of Lamercie Health Care, a health care company assisting the elderly, their families, and their caregivers with long-term care solutions via home and community based services.


Dr. Natacha Delince is the Founder and CEO of Lamercie Health Care. Lamercie is a health care firm dedicated to providing long-term care solutions to the elderly, their families, and caregivers through home and community based services. Dr. Delince served nearly eight years as a U.S. Army veteran and completed two tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. She earned her Nursing Assistant certification in 2008 and her Nursing Home Administrator license in 2012; today, she has a master’s degree in healthcare administration and a doctorate in business administration. Having worked in both the public and private sectors, Dr. Delince now focuses her post-military energy in advocating for the elderly and for veterans in long-term Florida care institutions. She currently resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Episode Highlights

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0:00 – 11:29: Dr. Delince gives an intro into who she is (personally) and provides background information on her 8-year military career.

11:30 – 14:58: Dr. Delince discusses her post-military education. This discussion leads into her talking about the death of her mother and being in assisted living facilities and adult family care centers – how it all impacted her decision to start embracing entrepreneurship.

15:00 – 24:33: Dr. Delince discusses how she began her company Lamercie, the services the company provides, and the lessons (those regarding mental health, personal and professional evolution, being willing to get through tough life situations, etc.) that she hopes listeners of the podcast will take away.

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