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Accelerate your $5M to $500M federal funding opportunities 2-3X faster.

Government deals are funded, not sold.


It’s not about the contract. It’s about the funding of a contract.

If you don’t understand the nuances between these two things, we should talk.

federal funding

Federal Funding

When it comes to Federal Government funding, you either get, protect, or grow a budget position.

expert advisement

Expert Advisement

Would you like a trusted advisor to shortcut the process for getting your contracts funded?

influence policy2

Influence Policy

Policy could be preventing sales of your product. Sometimes policies conflict with one another and inhibit your funding.

Independent Advisor, Corporate Lobbyist, Congressional Liaison and Senior Naval Officer.

I help defense and security clients navigate the entire funding spectrum and successfully receive funding from the federal government.

Engaging with the Federal Government is Complex.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated when you’ve got the right advice.

integrated plan

You have a business or technology solution that you want to sell to the Department of Defense or Homeland Security.

Problem is, there could be policies preventing your sales, your federal funding is at risk, or you’re not even in the budget.

The federal acquisition process is complex. Without the process knowledge, time, relationships with the right Congressional and executive decision makers, and integrated understanding of the government process, it’s difficult to engage with the Federal Government. 

You need an integrated plan.

With decades of experience as a Navy Captain, Congressional liaison, corporate lobbyist, and independent advisor, I’ve led others to funding and policy successes resulting in billions of dollars in sales.

When we meet together, we’ll assess your situation, consider the options available, and identify a path with a mutually agreed upon set of objectives.

You’ll have:

  • Direct access to me
  • No long-term contracts (30-day opt-out)
  • Together we deliver the best product to the U.S. Government

Trusted by:

Are U.S. Federal Sales Opportunities Out of Your Reach?

You have a great product that you know would interest the Department of Defense or Homeland Security. You’ve gone through the process and responded to an RFP. But, in the end, you’re either getting a small contract or worse, you’re completely overlooked. And you have no idea why.

You need a proven system to properly engage the federal government from start to finish.

Introducing…Capitol Currency®

A comprehensive learning experience led by Gene Moran to help you understand the complexities of federal funding.


Want to unlock funding secrets and close federal contracts faster?

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